25 September 2005

Dalai Lama & new video updates

Did not get to hear him :(
Did get to pass +700 flyers and meet some really sweet people :)
The Love I felt around the Rutgers campus near that stadium was soothing beyond measure to my weary soul (and bones).
I breathed deeply.

Movie highlights should still be on by Wednesday but we are taking our time with this piece, because we will know more on Wednesday after court, and owing to new developments :)

Last but certainly not least, my Dad informs that he may yet have that glass-blown peace sign on a leather rope he used to sport to work on his chest, with his little brown leather sandals and his screaming orange Volvo. He was a residue chemist for the former Diamond Alkali/Shamrock company, an establishment figure that made Agent Orange before my Dad's time, creating an ongoing U.S. Superfund Site not too far from Rutgers, coincidentally. I went to school & played tennis with then-CEO Bill Bricker's son, Patrick, before Bill moved the company to Texas while complaining about then-Mayor Dennis Kucinich, the subject of my undergrad thesis in Fair Play Journalism, who is now married to a British Investment analyst. Then Diamond Shamrock imploded for a number of reasons (off-shore oil futures primarily) leaving my Dad holding an empty bag of penny stock. Bricker is now LTV Steel's front man. It was awkward when Newsweek's cover story was "Downfall of a CEO" with my friend's Dad on the cover came out.... what a horrible period. But I digress.... Anyway, the Agent Orange stuff (from before Bricker's time I would say) is probably still killin' folks.

So today the peace sign is part of my corporate logo, I wear leather flip-flops or Danskos and I primarily drive a (rapidly disintegrating) Swedish car as well. I was a lawyer for the Attorney General's Office of Ohio, another establishment fixture where the incoming 1995 lead attorney is known as "Bloody Betty," who gets off legally killing Ohioans through the use of the Death Penalty, which the U.S. Supreme Court has acknowledged is neither administered or sought "fairly" in the Baldus Study . Guess the apple doesn't fall too far, eh? Both of us started as Buffalo Soldiers (see U.S. Library of Congress videos here), but my folks gave me the tools, if not the money, to leave that nonsense behind, indictments notwithstanding.

Mom & Dad, you guys did great with all of your kids, even if the government (disrespectfully) disagrees, at least with regard to me. But that's all right: I let the Free World be the Judge of my career, and I have no doubts I'll get a much more balanced treatment than that which was meted out from most of the Federal and local Judges in Ohio with whom I've dealt since I left the AG's Office in '95... Just wait 'til you see the look of disdain on their faces toward me in vintage court footage when they thought these tapes wouldn't see the light of day.

Today's suggested reading/viewing then, is:
The Spook Who Sat by the Door.
Soundtrack by Herbie Hancock, BTW.



Christopher King said...

In response to an email I just received a comment to this post in which the writer called me a Silver-Spooner (poseur-dilettante I guess). While the comment has yet to post here, I’ll go ‘hed on and disabuse the writer of such notion:

Silver-Spooner, eh? That’s a good one. My parents picked cotton growing up and we never had 2 cars until my last year of high school (1984) and that was a Honda Civic. The Volvos went nearly 100 miles each day to take my Dad to work and he and I broke knuckles fixing brakes, radiators, etc. to keep the family going. We kept them an average of 6 years a piece ‘cos we couldn’t afford new ones. No American car back then was worth a sh*t. Went to Hawken on a scholarship. Parents never gave me more than $500.00/year since my second year of undergrad (1986); Dad co-signed my first car, an ’83 VW Gti in 1989. Everything else – all the Bimmers, SAAB, Motorcycles -- I either bought with my hard-earned cash or went without.

And we can talk about socialism, capitalism, Marxism and Vulgar Marxism all night long.

I hope that clarifies the sitch a bit.


Christopher King said...

This was the email that for some reason I don't see posted on the blog to which I responded above: Point is, folks are free to disagree with me, and me with them, but no indictment should be sought :) Read the name of the blog again in case you missed it.

Christopher King said...

Here it is. It was posted to 18 June:

300 G is chump change -and capitalism is not a person.

Daddy drove a volvo - silver spooner. Sounds like you are acting the part.

Peace. For real real.