15 September 2005

Chief & Prosecutor hide evidence

Marty Dunn and/or Prosecutor Albrecht failed to turn over material documents in their "case" against me for "Attempted Felony Extortion." More on this at a time appropriate when my attorneys and I drop the whammy, but yes ethics [Rule 98 A (2)(iv)] are involved. So y'all can hate me all you want, but you know your prosecution is totally bogus. Now in the niggardly production of documents they did give us, Dunn's co-conspirator NAACP Nashua Prez. Timmons admits that I forwarded the Demand Letter to Nashua NAACP the same day I wrote it. And I sent it to Boston NAACP Prez. Alkins on 25 or 26 Dec., too. And then I told the Nashua Executive Committe about it on 3 Jan. as the official minutes (1) & (2) and my report (1) & (2) clearly reflect. So where is my mens rea to commit a friggin' crime? Answer: There isn't any. The fact is, it wasn't even an issue until Timmons read the letter from Chief Dunn on the 4th, got all scared and hopped in the sack with him, issuing this statement just two (2) days after my 18 June Blog "Why the NAACP is a sellout organization." There's a name for people like that.

Besides, I'm cuter than he is, anyway. Maybe she Loves a Man in the Uniform, she being a U.S. Service Veteran. But then my Uncle was a high-ranking General, and my cousin is also a Serviceman (in Iraq at present) and he thinks Chief Dunn is a jackass, so I can't really explain it on that rationale alone. I don't fancy him a jackass; he's just wrong about Civil Rights Law and harboring a whole lot of unwarranted malice toward me & little people. And Gloria and the Nashua NAACP need to get a backbone; stand up straight to help little people (besides people in their own families, that is) from gettin' the shaft.

P.S. Here's Timmons' Sister Cheryl O'Pesso whining about that unlawful discrimination I stopped in Hartford, CT after Timmons alerted me about it and specifically asked me to address it. Does O'Pesso call me a licensed lawyer? Hell no, 'cos I never told her I was. Gloria Timmons.....Yeah, there's definitely a name for people like her.

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