29 August 2005

Set Trends: GM/SAAB support King

NOTE on 23 Dec '05: SAAB ad campaign has been changed and my lil' bit is toast.
Set trends that others follow. This is not always easy, as Ohio screwed my client into giving someone with HIV/AIDS a Tattoo against our numerous objections, including lack of physician consent. Now the current rule 3701-9-04(B)(3), which we argued for in the first place, now requires physician consent. A day late and a dollar short for us, but proving we were right, again, ab initio. Read the Mike Royko pieces in my blawg of 1 August 2005. Unbelievable but that's our gub'ment, folks. Wasting your money and mine with stupid stuff.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that is the whackest story I've ever heard. If they had made the guy get a doctor's note in the first place it probably wouldn't have violated anybody's civil rights at all!!!! Come back down to the village for slams next week. We've got beers waiting for you. You da Man!

Christopher King said...

Yes it is a whack story, but then so is much of my legal life. I come with truth and common sense and they come with the Soweto-style Beat Down. Go Figure.