16 August 2005

Press Conference 17 August

First of all, check out the correspondence between Columbus Bar Ass'n Counsel and me at items one and two.

For Immediate Release
16 August 2005

On Wednesday, 17 August 2005 at the close of his 10:00 a.m. preliminary pretrial conference at the Cheshire Superior Court in Keene, NH, Christopher King will address the media concerning missing documents that are crucial to his criminal and civil cases involving Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn and the Nashua NAACP.

First, he will address the fact that in the discovery process in the criminal case against him for Attempted Felony Extortion, the County Prosecutor’s office failed to give him the last page of his legal updates that were presented to, and accepted by, the Greater Nashua NAACP Executive Committee. It clearly shows that the NAACP was aware of the $65,000.00 Demand Letter (1) & (2) to Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn for the Department's treatment of Loitering suspect Willie Toney. As Executive Committee Member Cleaven Ferguson noted in his Affidavit in support of Mr. King,

“Mr. King’s report was taken in as noted at Attachments one and two, the minutes and the last page of Mr. King’s legal updates; Melanie Levesque and other Executive Committee members were all present and no one voiced any objection.”

They also have refused to provide Willie Toney’s arrest file per valid FOIA request. New York City is on the hook for $30 Million for illegal strip/body-cavity searches of misdemeanor "loitering" kinds of "suspects."

Second, he will address the fact that the Columbus Bar Association wrongly prosecuted him for surreptitious telephone taping when their own writer, a CBA Foundation Fellow by the name of Charles J. Kurtz, III, wrote that surreptitious telephone taping was not unethical in Ohio at the time that Attorneys King and Pope did it. The two attorneys had taped a landlord/management company after neighbors told King that the landlord had been using racial slurs like “nigger lover” about King’s client.

Now they refuse to give Mr. King a copy of the article, claiming that they have no idea what article he is talking about, even though King has told them he is about show himself in an Internet video reading the document into the record at his 1998 disciplinary hearing. Perhaps that will refresh their recollection. Interestingly, they claim that the Columbus Bar Foundation’s “mission is to promote justice for all.”

For more information on the Ohio matter go to:


Says King,

“Ohio is just like Jaffrey and Jaffrey is just like Ohio: When the facts are not to their benefit, they just lie, hide facts and withhold evidence. The issue that Jaffrey and the NAACP need to address is their penchant for lying about what happened to Willie Toney and what they are doing to me.”


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