28 August 2005

Open letter to NAACP lawyers

28 August 2005

Re: Your clients Timmons, Levesque and WMUR

Dear Attorneys Blackmer and Proulx:

Welcome to the case. As Attorney Blackmer may find interesting, I worked in an Employment section for the Ohio Attorney General's office and also have some experience dealing with OSHA. Quite a thorn's nest that is. And as Attorney Proulx may find interesting, I know one of her erstwhile law professors at Quinnipiac Law School. It's a Small World indeed.

Further small because you represent WMUR, who was scheduled to appear at my last court appearance where Willie Toney, the original victim, appeared and told The Union Leader’s Steve Seitz all about the NAACP and their lies. We’ve got him on video. However, WMUR did not appear and the Union Leader has not yet published the story.

As I told prior counsel for Defendants Timmons and Levesque, I've nothing against you, but rather your clients, who have acted in concert and conspiracy with Defendant Dunn to propagate and disseminate outright lies involving crimes of moral turpitude against me, causing me foreseeable and continued injury.

As I also told prior counsel, I will use any and all applicable Courts of Law, Internet and Hollywood vehicles to expose your clients for what they are: Liars. My spoken word tour will commence in the next two (2) weeks in several cities throughout the Northeast and my next film will air and podcast shortly thereafter; please let me know if you are interested in being on a mailing list so that you may come observe and/or participate. As such, I give you the same offer of open dialogue that I gave Chief Dunn, just before he sought this bogus indictment on me, using your clients' willful lies and misrepresentations. To wit, see the blog of 26 August.

In closing, I would like to note that I did indeed yesterday receive notice that Defendant Timmons actually obtained a restraining order against me that was filed one (1) day before my arraignment/press conference in June, most likely to manufacture dirt on me. Let me be clear: I want nothing to do with Timmons or Defendant Levesque, except for them answering my lawyers' questions or me questioning them at their respective depositions. To that end, you will receive Defendant Timmons' Notice of Deposition under separate cover immediately.

Very truly yours,
Christopher King, J.D.

p.s. You know as placement coordinator for the NH Department of Employment Security in late fall '04 Defendant Timmons tried to find me a job but it was tough because of my suspension. She knew this all along, folks.

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