08 August 2005

NAACP Chiefs busted for lying; hearing set

Area NAACP First Vice President Melanie Levesque told the Union Leader they "were never aware at any time that [King] was going to extort money from the Jaffrey Police." NAACP Veterans Chair Cleaven Ferguson says it was not extortion, and says the NAACP ratified everything by way of informed consent. Meanwhile, Jaffrey refuses to provide the Willie Toney arrest file under FOIA request. And I'm still under indictment? Enough is enough. Give me a break.

Attachments One and Two.

A conference has now been scheduled for 17 August, 2005 in the criminal matter. On a related note, Samuel Hose was burned to teach the Negroes that no matter what a white man does to them, they must not resist.

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