06 August 2005

Hate mail and missing documents

Some guy sends me a letter actually comparing me to a lawyer who did jail time for forging a judge's signature. The coward, who failed to sign his name, wrote: "Hear is sumpten fur ya to thank 'bout you coconut head racist. Ya better save yer food stamps cus youl need money to buy protection where yur goen. You 'bout to be Bubbas Bitch. Better get dat vasoline ready." Me, a racist? Doubtful. Sad thing is, if this person had suffered at the hands of the police like Willie Toney I would be the first to help him. Bienvenue--New Hampshire: You're going to love it here. Ya, shoor. Perhaps I'll file a complaint with the NAACP, right? What a joke.

Meanwhile, the Discovery packet sent from Jaffrey failed to include the last page of this document from 3 Jan '05, which clearly shows that I kept the NAACP abreast of everything in the Toney/Jaffrey matter and they ratified it. What's up with that?

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