30 August 2005

Drop a dime on haters and liars

My team is hard at work in studio, getting ready to drop a video dime on all of you haters and liarheads from my entire career. You know who you are, but you just can't stop it. It's called The First Amendment....Peace.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I really like the part in your movie script "To speak, To Protest.....and I'll tell you all about that...in a minute." Very well written!! I am glad you are making a difference. Being a white women I have no idea what you deal with on an everyday basis. I tend to live in my little bubble. My fairybook bubble!! I am very proud of you for standing up to the man!!! This world is in a crazy place..................Let me know when the movie can be purchased. Peace be with you always!

Christopher King said...

Your story could be my story, just different. It's all about the oppression you get when you open your trap; have the nerve to dissent. You get yourself a law degree, start opening up your trap about big business, police abuse and corrupt judges without a lot of monay behind you and we'll see each other in the bar suspension/indictment line, I guarantee you that, sister.

Anonymous said...


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