30 August 2005

Drop a dime on haters and liars

My team is hard at work in studio, getting ready to drop a video dime on all of you haters and liarheads from my entire career. You know who you are, but you just can't stop it. It's called The First Amendment....Peace.

29 August 2005

Set Trends: GM/SAAB support King

NOTE on 23 Dec '05: SAAB ad campaign has been changed and my lil' bit is toast.
Set trends that others follow. This is not always easy, as Ohio screwed my client into giving someone with HIV/AIDS a Tattoo against our numerous objections, including lack of physician consent. Now the current rule 3701-9-04(B)(3), which we argued for in the first place, now requires physician consent. A day late and a dollar short for us, but proving we were right, again, ab initio. Read the Mike Royko pieces in my blawg of 1 August 2005. Unbelievable but that's our gub'ment, folks. Wasting your money and mine with stupid stuff.

NAACP Prez Gloria Timmons faces Deposition

It is at CP Law Offices, 19 September, 2005 9:00 a.m. sharp and shall continue from day-to-day as necessary. Let's see if'n she tries to dodge it....

28 August 2005

Open letter to NAACP lawyers

28 August 2005

Re: Your clients Timmons, Levesque and WMUR

Dear Attorneys Blackmer and Proulx:

Welcome to the case. As Attorney Blackmer may find interesting, I worked in an Employment section for the Ohio Attorney General's office and also have some experience dealing with OSHA. Quite a thorn's nest that is. And as Attorney Proulx may find interesting, I know one of her erstwhile law professors at Quinnipiac Law School. It's a Small World indeed.

Further small because you represent WMUR, who was scheduled to appear at my last court appearance where Willie Toney, the original victim, appeared and told The Union Leader’s Steve Seitz all about the NAACP and their lies. We’ve got him on video. However, WMUR did not appear and the Union Leader has not yet published the story.

As I told prior counsel for Defendants Timmons and Levesque, I've nothing against you, but rather your clients, who have acted in concert and conspiracy with Defendant Dunn to propagate and disseminate outright lies involving crimes of moral turpitude against me, causing me foreseeable and continued injury.

As I also told prior counsel, I will use any and all applicable Courts of Law, Internet and Hollywood vehicles to expose your clients for what they are: Liars. My spoken word tour will commence in the next two (2) weeks in several cities throughout the Northeast and my next film will air and podcast shortly thereafter; please let me know if you are interested in being on a mailing list so that you may come observe and/or participate. As such, I give you the same offer of open dialogue that I gave Chief Dunn, just before he sought this bogus indictment on me, using your clients' willful lies and misrepresentations. To wit, see the blog of 26 August.

In closing, I would like to note that I did indeed yesterday receive notice that Defendant Timmons actually obtained a restraining order against me that was filed one (1) day before my arraignment/press conference in June, most likely to manufacture dirt on me. Let me be clear: I want nothing to do with Timmons or Defendant Levesque, except for them answering my lawyers' questions or me questioning them at their respective depositions. To that end, you will receive Defendant Timmons' Notice of Deposition under separate cover immediately.

Very truly yours,
Christopher King, J.D.

p.s. You know as placement coordinator for the NH Department of Employment Security in late fall '04 Defendant Timmons tried to find me a job but it was tough because of my suspension. She knew this all along, folks.

26 August 2005

NAACP runs to new lawyers

Orr & Reno, in Concord. Exactly how they address their clients' willful lies, deception and defamation of me remains to be seen. Witness the minutes from the 3 Jan. Executive Committee meeting (1) & (2) proving I submitted my report showing $65K Demand Letter to Jaffrey Police Dep't (1) & (2)....and Defendant Levesque, who was "never at any time aware that [I] was going to extort money from the Jaffrey police" was sitting right next to me. Also, Mail receipts showing I informed NAACP of my suspension in Ohio.... And then there's NAACP Veteran's Chair Cleaven Ferguson's Affidavit also. Good Lord.

22 August 2005

When Negroes had soul and backbones

NAACP used to stand for something: Funny how NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware was in fact cited in State v. Weinstein, proving you can publicly comment on negative actions in the community without fear of prison, dammit. Get a grip.

Boston NAACP Prez aware of 2002 suspension

Of course he was and still recommended me to the Nashua Branch. I sent it to him email and hard copy in my Memorandum Contra Summary Judgment in King v. Babylon Energy. Lenny Alkins. The suspension was ungrounded, anyway as you will soon see.

My prosecution is Unconstitutional

As noted below in State v. Weinstein 898 P.2d 513, (1995), when is the last time anyone can tell me that a former assistant attorney general was indicted on charges found flat out unconstitutional in another state analyzing Federal Law? Especially in this, the "Live Free or Die" State, right? Back in The Day, the NAACP helped strong Black Men to avoid lynching, now Nashua Prez/VP Gloria and Melanie actually try to help Chief Dunn accomplish his nefarious scheme. (1) & (2).

21 August 2005

The truth about NAACP Prez Gloria Timmons

....and her sister in Hartford, where I stopped institutional discrimination dead in its tracks, is right here (1) & (2) & (3). WMUR Channel 9 reported, to millions of people, that "Authorities say King may have run this scam elsewhere, perhaps in Connecticut." Exactly what "scam" is that?

19 August 2005

Extortion my ass -- read these cases

Becker v. Zellner 684 N.E.2d 1378 (1997), rehearing denied, 690 N.E.2d 1379.
Finally, setting forth a "hard bargaining position," threatening to institute civil suits, or declaring "that one intends to use the courts to insist upon what he believes to be his legal rights" are not actionable. Enslen v. Village of Lombard, 128 Ill.App.3d 531, 533, 83 Ill.Dec. 768, 470 N.E.2d 1188 (1984).

The statute is unconstitutional on its face on First Amendment grounds: State v. Weinstein 898 P.2d 513 (1995).
Statute making it a crime to threaten to expose secret or asserted fact which would tend to subject anyone to hatred, contempt or ridicule or to impair his credit or business could not be interpreted as applying only to "wrongful" threats and thus could not be saved from overbreadth. U.S.C.A. Const.Amend. 1; A.R.S. § 13-1804, subd.A, par.6.

Weinstein did the following to a landlord who owed him money:
(1) said he would file suit immediately; (2) send significant records concerning the landlord's business to the landlord's business competitor; (3) contact the landlord's parole officer and inform him that the landlord had violated parole; and (4) send press releases to the media informing them of the landlord's involvement in alleged criminal activities......Arizona Appeals Court: Perfectly legal activity.

These cases are not like the true Criminal Threat in State v. Gero, out of Cheshire County, where the Defendant "took a pistol out of his gun cabinet and said he would 'blow them away····'" 877 A.2d 201 (NH 23 June 2005).

Face it, Chief Dunn and Nashua NAACP: What you are attempting to do to me, as well as what you already have "Dunn" to me, is foul, and we are about to tell the whole World about your nonsense and the nonsense from my suspension in Ohio, in video. I will specifically tell that to Civil Defendants Timmons' and Levesque's attorney, whenever they find another one, and I will hold my Civil Suits against all of you with the tenacity of a pit bull.

18 August 2005

Timmons hides; King Motions for Default

Defendant Timmons has no lawyer of record and has ignored my Complaint and Discovery Requests so today I filed this Motion (1) and (2) containing one, two, three, four Attachments. I'm outta here.

$50M corruption in Ohio nets Gov.'s head

More corruption in Ohio at the top. A fish rots at the head.


A weekend vacation with staff.

17 August 2005

NAACP counsel scurries; King in control, again

Today after Willie Toney appeared at my pretrial conference and told the Union Leader all about the NAACP lies and deception he witnessed, I discovered that Devine-Millimet withdrew as counsel, shortly after I wrote them a few emails like this one. That firm has +80 attorneys versus little old me. So have they gone to get even bigger guns at the NAACP or have they shot their wad and just crawling home to Momma?

16 August 2005

Press Conference 17 August

First of all, check out the correspondence between Columbus Bar Ass'n Counsel and me at items one and two.

For Immediate Release
16 August 2005

On Wednesday, 17 August 2005 at the close of his 10:00 a.m. preliminary pretrial conference at the Cheshire Superior Court in Keene, NH, Christopher King will address the media concerning missing documents that are crucial to his criminal and civil cases involving Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn and the Nashua NAACP.

First, he will address the fact that in the discovery process in the criminal case against him for Attempted Felony Extortion, the County Prosecutor’s office failed to give him the last page of his legal updates that were presented to, and accepted by, the Greater Nashua NAACP Executive Committee. It clearly shows that the NAACP was aware of the $65,000.00 Demand Letter (1) & (2) to Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn for the Department's treatment of Loitering suspect Willie Toney. As Executive Committee Member Cleaven Ferguson noted in his Affidavit in support of Mr. King,

“Mr. King’s report was taken in as noted at Attachments one and two, the minutes and the last page of Mr. King’s legal updates; Melanie Levesque and other Executive Committee members were all present and no one voiced any objection.”

They also have refused to provide Willie Toney’s arrest file per valid FOIA request. New York City is on the hook for $30 Million for illegal strip/body-cavity searches of misdemeanor "loitering" kinds of "suspects."

Second, he will address the fact that the Columbus Bar Association wrongly prosecuted him for surreptitious telephone taping when their own writer, a CBA Foundation Fellow by the name of Charles J. Kurtz, III, wrote that surreptitious telephone taping was not unethical in Ohio at the time that Attorneys King and Pope did it. The two attorneys had taped a landlord/management company after neighbors told King that the landlord had been using racial slurs like “nigger lover” about King’s client.

Now they refuse to give Mr. King a copy of the article, claiming that they have no idea what article he is talking about, even though King has told them he is about show himself in an Internet video reading the document into the record at his 1998 disciplinary hearing. Perhaps that will refresh their recollection. Interestingly, they claim that the Columbus Bar Foundation’s “mission is to promote justice for all.”

For more information on the Ohio matter go to:


Says King,

“Ohio is just like Jaffrey and Jaffrey is just like Ohio: When the facts are not to their benefit, they just lie, hide facts and withhold evidence. The issue that Jaffrey and the NAACP need to address is their penchant for lying about what happened to Willie Toney and what they are doing to me.”


15 August 2005

NH Police chiefs busted on immigration

Well folks just as I said a few weeks ago in my 10 July entry regarding other Monadnock Valley Police in New Ipswich (and Hudson), you cannot criminalize civil conduct. The (largely) hard-working immigrants who break laws other than "trespassing" will be punished accordingly just like the other people who immigrated here already to meet (and trick and abuse) my Native American ancestors. Now as a member of Nashua's Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee I met lead lawyer Mona Movafaghi months ago and knew she was right. I am also right because you cannot criminalize the act of sending a Demand Letter or calling a press conference. It's downright Un-American.

12 August 2005

Indict the whole NAACP

I mean unless you're calling Nashua NAACP Veterans Chair Cleaven Ferguson a liar, too... But we all know it's my head they want on the block to fix all of society's ills (or make them appear to go away). Meanwhile Bruce Campbell, Esq: May I have that public document by CBA Fellow Charles J. Kurtz, III, Esq. now? My movie is gonna rock hard like this one.

11 August 2005


Art by Sarah M. Albini

10 August 2005

More hate mail

This individual does not see the bigger picture; I am fine with the results of King v. "Babylon Energy" and look to fry much bigger fish, including much of the U.S. Legal System itself. I never aimed to be a "high yeller boy;" always a field nigga' with a house nigga' education. Next time send an email instead of "watching me" from the peanut gallery and we can go have a beer. Dig man squash da hate and look for the speaking tour and movie soon. Never Ignorant Gets Goals Accomplished. See below.

Bruce I didn't hear from you today

What's up, Man? Still have "no idea" what document I'm talking about?

09 August 2005

Columbus Bar Ass'n "has no idea"

Dear Attorney Campbell:

I note your lack of a formal address for me. Christopher King, J.D. will suffice for now.

Here's p.1 of your Subpoena Duces Tecum.

The article of which I speak I read into the record at my disciplinary hearing and you are part of that movie link I already sent to you months ago, in addition to being part of the new movie and in-depth documentary on Columbus politics and law. Yeah, I saved those emails, too. The link directly identifying the article is on my website right here. In the name of Jack Johnson, let's get this out in the open what Charles J. Kurtz, III, Esq. -- your own senior level writer -- said about surreptitious taping at the time we did it. I hope I have provided enough clarity for you to directly respond to me tomorrow, 10 August 2005.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Bruce Campbell wrote:
We have no idea what article you are talking about.

Bruce A. Campbell, Bar Counsel
Columbus Bar Association
175 South Third Street, S-1100
Columbus, OH 43215-5134
Phone 614.340.2053 Fax 614.221-4850

08 August 2005

NAACP Chiefs busted for lying; hearing set

Area NAACP First Vice President Melanie Levesque told the Union Leader they "were never aware at any time that [King] was going to extort money from the Jaffrey Police." NAACP Veterans Chair Cleaven Ferguson says it was not extortion, and says the NAACP ratified everything by way of informed consent. Meanwhile, Jaffrey refuses to provide the Willie Toney arrest file under FOIA request. And I'm still under indictment? Enough is enough. Give me a break.

Attachments One and Two.

A conference has now been scheduled for 17 August, 2005 in the criminal matter. On a related note, Samuel Hose was burned to teach the Negroes that no matter what a white man does to them, they must not resist.

06 August 2005

Love mail

I got the chance to view your website – very interesting! I’m not surprised that’s what happened --- although I’m a friendly person I don’t put a lot of faith in human nature. Too many people will take advantage of situations for their own betterment *to the point of satisfying their unrestrained greed and imposing their anger and hatred on others* (name withheld to prevent further oppression. They are Caucasian, however).

Hate mail and missing documents

Some guy sends me a letter actually comparing me to a lawyer who did jail time for forging a judge's signature. The coward, who failed to sign his name, wrote: "Hear is sumpten fur ya to thank 'bout you coconut head racist. Ya better save yer food stamps cus youl need money to buy protection where yur goen. You 'bout to be Bubbas Bitch. Better get dat vasoline ready." Me, a racist? Doubtful. Sad thing is, if this person had suffered at the hands of the police like Willie Toney I would be the first to help him. Bienvenue--New Hampshire: You're going to love it here. Ya, shoor. Perhaps I'll file a complaint with the NAACP, right? What a joke.

Meanwhile, the Discovery packet sent from Jaffrey failed to include the last page of this document from 3 Jan '05, which clearly shows that I kept the NAACP abreast of everything in the Toney/Jaffrey matter and they ratified it. What's up with that?

04 August 2005

new image

Fair Play Matters Most

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Fair Play: Who is Christopher King?

I was extremely fortunate to attend Hawken School, where students like my sister ('76) and I were given a set of tools for critical thought as good as anywhere in the World. These three (3) retiring teachers, Frank Brandt, John Tottenham and Jim Gross are some of the reasons why. I wrote a farewell note to Mr. Gross just by virtue of knowing him as a friend 30 years ago; never even had him as a teacher. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Dr. Stanley (p. 15) and Janet Hoerr, admissions director. I love you always. R.I.P.

02 August 2005

A white girl called me a nigger Uncle Chris!

And here is what I told my beloved niece about that.

Back to Columbus Bar Ass'n & documents

Remember my request for the Charles J. Kurtz article noted at paras. 3,4,5? Zip Zero Zilch. Now Snitcher is on vacation.

Back to Jaffrey & documents

Remember my FOIA request for the Willie Toney arrest file? Zip Zero Zilch. Now Sistare is on vacation.

01 August 2005

My Biographer

Is a great guy. Congrats on your marriage, James!

Mike Royko on King's cases

Lets' return to 8-Ball Tattoo, shall we? Now here's Pulitzer Prize-winning Mike Royko's headlines on two different occasions noting my client's hassles with my former boss, the Ohio Attorney General. Eventually they changed the law such that a physician's consent is required before a tattoo artist can knowingly provide a tattoo to someone with HIV/AIDS. Of course that was our position in the first place, and we had lobbied for that with the Board of Health, duh. Click to expand documents.


Royko "Developed a reputation for targeting bigots and crooked politicians while sticking up for the “little guy.”" Ironically, like Pulitzer, my favorite housemate was a Hungarian Jew; his dad was a Holocaust Survivor. I used to kiss him on the forehead every time I saw him until he died in '02. Peace.