01 July 2005

NAACP and Dunn Continue their lies; King Demands Retraction from Keene Sentinel

In yesterday's Union Leader it was noted that "In prior statements, NAACP officials in Boston and Nashua said it is their policy not to comment on pending litigation."

Bullshit. In fact, Melanie Levesque very publicly joined Chief Dunn in a regionally-televised press conference in front of millions of people to falsely state that they were "duped" and had no idea that I had a suspended law license for acting as a tester in a real estate case that involved racial epithets, or that I had issued a Demand Letter to Jaffrey. NAACP Official minutes show that Levesque and I were both at that meeting when I issued my report that clearly notes the $65,000.00 Demand, not to mention the contemporaneous emails to the Nashua Executive Committee and to Boston President Lenny Alkins. Check my website this weekend for the documents. So they only comment on litigation or legal matters when they think they are on top, would be more accurate to say. But who gives a damn about accuracy -- let's just get King's ass in the pokey and shut him up by any means necessary. Have they no sense of decency, no shame?

For his part, Dunn, who started all of this personal ill-will by publicly calling me a "disturbed individual," with "fantasies" about my past accomplishments, such as State v. Lessin, Ohio St. 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993) or State v. Doyle 1998, ridiculously claims that he is threatened that I'm going to kill him, as quoted in the Keene Sentinel, and that "this is the first time a black man has sued white policemen and the NAACP at the same time." So what? If you are both lying (and you are, because I've read the police reports on Willie Toney's arrest and I have the NAACP emails and documents) then you both need to be sued and I don't care what colour anybody is. Look at how Dunn injects colour into this thing himself. Anyway, bail was set at $5,000.00 Personal Recognizance, proving that nobody really believes Chief Dunn's life is at stake, and he and the Keene Sentinel know quite well that I was referring to "kill you legally." As such, I publicly demand a clarification from the Keene Sentinel that the quote was lifted at a time when we were discussing the legal "merits" of the Indictment.

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