11 July 2005

Meanwhile, American Tower & SpectraSite merge

The American Lawyer team waits with bated breath to discover whether the new company, set to merge on 3 August, will follow in the lawless ways of its predecessor, costing them $300K, or as seen in Massachusetts Federal District Court, Case No. 03-10904RCL, ignoring a court ORDER to provide documents and emails, in the same manner that the FCC
"fined American Tower Corporation (ATC) a whopping $212,000.00 for an apparent wholesale disregard of the Commission's tower regulations."
We will be on hand, however, to fully exercise our lawful rights of assembly and protest and frankly, whatever else we feel like doing. I've done that before; led marches and spoke out against Apartheid in the '80's and thus got to meet and interview the late, great, Arthur Ashe, Jr.

Here is a copy of the Press Release.

Interestingly, some people have asked me if I thought that American Tower had anything to do with the housefire that peaked in my room where I kept my evidentiary materials in a home from which I had recently moved. I told all of them that was totally out of the question. "Man, that's crazy talk," I said.

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