10 July 2005

Criminalizing Civil Conduct in the Live Free or Die State

As a member of the Mayor’s Committee on Ethnic Awareness here in Nashua, New Hampshire, I agreed with counsel in last month’s meeting in the current undocumented immigrant “illegal alien” cases, in which police officials in the Jaffrey/Peterborough area are criminalizing a civil issue. Being undocumented is a civil matter until you violate some other law. It is not "trespassing per se.” Interesting, Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn has now obtained his indictments against me for what Dunn alleged in newspapers when I ‘threatened to issue a press release and call a press conference.’ However, Daniel Schorr and others, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Black will tell you that unless National Security is at risk, that is a civil matter as well. Is this an odd pattern or business as usual for a State that bears the motto “Live Free or Die” on its license plates (that all of its citizens are no longer forced to wear after the United States Supreme Court weighed in on the matter?). Then let's not even get to the Senators' (non)votes on lynching, which are a slap in the face to progressive thinking as well. Would it have been too much to show up to vote?

P.S. It should be un-American for any kid not to have a puppy. Me with my main man Keje, 1975.

Note from 18 Dec. '05: For more on King & Man's Best Friend, watch "lawyerman," now showing at station www.christopherkingesq.com

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