18 June 2005

Why the NAACP is a sellout organization

I used to be their Legal Redress chair for Greater Nashua, New Hampshire. A black man was assaulted guns drawn by 3 white officers and body cavity searched with all 3 officers present in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. His only crime: allegedly running behind a building, but the sworn statements indicate he followed all orders to get on the ground and have his black ass handcuffed and arrested immediately. He said he was just going back there to take a leak. His white friend came out and told them who he was, and that they were waiting in his girlfriend to come out from the store in that very building where she worked and that yes, he was indeed just back there to take a leak while waiting for him and his girly. Cops made a big issue out of the fact that they gave differing names, only because the black guy gave them an alias name for them to search his records (but only because they had asked him whether he had ever been arrested for some reason, a questionable activity in the first place).

There was no warrant out on him, and no particularized suspicion of drug use or weapons, and he had only on his possession the smallest Swiss army knife made. No reason for a bend-over-naked-and-cough strip search, in other words. Ask any lawyer.

Well I issued a Demand letter on behalf of the NAACP for $65K I think based on a prior case I had in '98 with similar facts.


I notified the Boston and Greater Nashua chapters of each and every step along the way. I have email proof of that. I asked for negotiations and asked Chief Dunn to join him at one of his college classroom discussions with any comments not usable at trial if we were to find a lawyer for the black guy.

Chief Dunn threatens the NAACP and they lie, tell him I never told them I had been suspended from practice in Ohio. He accuses the NAACP of extortion so they throw me under the bus. He then wrote to a whole bunch of people in an email chain that I am "obviously a disturbed individual" with "fantasies" about my past accomplishments. I prepare a draft Defamation lawsuit against him and the NAACP because I have it in writing, in emails that Boston and Greater Nashua knew, ab initio, about my 1 year ordered suspension from Ohio from being too vigorous a Civil Rights lawyer and I had never once represented myself as a licensed attorney. I had told each of them separately of the suspension and Boston had told Nashua in recommending me for the Chair position, in fact. They all knew that board disciplinary panel member Louis A. Jacobs had written that "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role in my suspension. Yes I've got email proof of that, too.

Greater Nashua takes me off the Chair and actually brings in Chief Dunn for a chalk talk. The intern was there (from the internship program that I set up, incidentally) and she took notes for me at times I wasn't in the room and he used words like "sham" etc. etc. Unbelievable. If the official position of the NAACP was that I didn't have authority to issue a Demand they should have told me something but they never did, despite me sharing the Demand letter with everyone.

And why would I have hidden my suspension when I was busy preparing my short film, book and website?

Read the last link on this page where I flat out talk about all of it.


Yeah most of those folks are nothing but gatekeepers and punks IMNSH(but accurate)O. But if you go to the website and see my film where after Jerry Doyle's acquittal that guy says "That's what you get when you mess with the Johnny Cochran of Columbus" -- well he would be none other than Minister Donell Mohammad of the Columbus Mosque No. 43 I believe it is -- used to hold my press conferences even though I am most definitely not in the Nation of Islam. Columbus NAACP were a bunch of sellouts but the Nation just liked my resolve to help people, predominately financially strapped blacks but plenty of financially-strapped whites, latinos, etc. (and several wealthy folks on the side at times I might add) that had little or no access to the legal system, or who were suing a high roller in the establishment. Legal access is a serious, serious problem in America.

NAACP also sold my father down the river after they referred him to in my opinion a sorry-assed lawyer in Cleveland (who is about to be sued for malpractice) who conducted absolutely no discovery, just took my Dad's monay and did absolutely nothing in his case except defend one Deposition before dismissing it subject to the one year savings clause. My Dad worked for this company 36 or 37 years, mind you, and his white former boss is his best friend and a man who I thought was really my uncle until I was like 12. He is going to testify against that company on my father's behalf for certain. They tricked my Dad into signing a damn release for monay but we have proof that work in his area continued on well after he resigned. In fact, the company is growing and my father is an extremely vital mid-60's man who got his greatest pension years yanked out from under him, after years of racial discrimination to which my Caucasian "Uncle" will attest. These are stories from America's heartland, folks.

People think Civil Rights Plaintiffs just waltz into court and walk out with big money or lose after bringing frivolous cases but that's only because those are the cases that the media wants you to know about. It's all a ruse, and I've also got about 40 courtroom tapes from practicing in Ohio courts, City Council and School Boards in the 90's to edit down for my feature-length presentation to show you how and why. Most lawyers won't tell you these things because they are afraid, but repeat after me: Eternal vigilence is the price of Freedom....... Eternal vigilence is the price......