22 June 2005

Police on my back catch me if I dare drop back

Well sports fans my attorneys (one from MA and one from NH) telephoned Cheshire County Prosecutor William Albrecht, IV this afternoon. He declined to speak to them until they filed a formal Notice of Appearance, and hung up.

Meanwhile, the blogger community begins to weigh in:

........Based on my experience with these types of cases, I can pretty confidently say that the extortion case is bullshit. Sending a demand letter on behalf of an organization is not extortive conduct. Moreover, if Mr. King can establish that he acted in good faith when sending the demand letter, he will walk.

If the NAACP officials knew that he wasn't licensed to practice law, but now are saying they didn't know, then those officials can be sued for libel, and perhaps civil rights violations. In some jurisdictions, a party giving false testimony (which serves as the hook for initation of the criminal process) becomes a state actor and thus is amenable to suit[King notes: Oh, yeah, suing all of them under Defamation and Due/Procedural process/First Amendment trammeling (3 days after blog I catch a case, yeah, right) and 42 U.S.C. 1985, then Chief Dunn on 1983].

If what Mr. King says is true, then a lot of people are going to pay out a lot of money. Perhaps those NAACP officials have too long considered themselves as being cloaked with the, "If you sue me I'll play the race card" immunity. If Mr. King sues them, then that immunity will be stripped.

BUT, Mr. King is at a crossroads. A good criminal defense lawyer would focus on the narrow legal issues involved. By establish[ing] that Mr. King, if anything, merely made a good faith mistake when he sent the demand letter, he will likely be acquitted. But I suspect Mr. King wants to put racism on trial.[King notes: it's "colour" but not just skin colour....its the colour of money and the colours of ideology, youthful exuberance and a departure from the norm. I told Jaffrey and NAACP that the man's rights were violated irrespective of race -- but of course the newspapers, etc. never mention that so they can label me as a one-trick pony].

The more I've read, the more I've concluded that Mr. King was victimized for a) his race; but mostly b) not playing ball. Had he rolled over for the State Bar, he would not have been disbarred. [King notes: suspended, not disbarred].

Anyhow, Chris, good luck. Hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford, [King notes: See former boss and current friend Terry H. Gilbert, supra] and listen to him or her. If not, the latest injustice you suffer might involve a prison cell.
Stay safe.[King notes: Thank you brother/sister, and pax be unto you as well].

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