28 June 2005

Open Letter to the Union Leader and media

In this case, things will happen in a most public manner so that those who take the time to read will see the truth. That is precisely what the First Amendment is all about -- you shouldn't be indicted four (4) days after you put up a weblog critical of the your government and/or the NAACP. This is no different than what they did to Lenny Bruce back in the day. Instead let's be concerned about truly dangerous people who are walking around in Boston.

Dear Editors:

I have heard from one of my attorneys that there was a critical editorial written about me in the Union Leader "Shaking Down -- Learn from the Master." Your paper initially failed to even call or email me, despite having access to my website, blog, and email address. As a former reporter at a large daily newspaper I find that omission startling, to say the least. Two of my cousins are World-renowned journalists who you have seen on (inter)national television repeatedly, and I'm certain that they would find that omission startling as well. Your editorial has all but convicted me, e.g. 'don't try this at home kids you might find a prison cell.'

I will be vindicated of all charges, and urge you to do some reading behind the scene at my blogspot and website to find out what kind of person I really am, and some of the gains that I have made for the little people and workers throughout my career, including victims of unauthorized police authority. See this and this, for example.

I have founded two (2) different non-profit groups to help at-risk youth and have earned accolades in several cities for so doing. My good name is being stained in this instance. In closing, I can only say to you that if ever you have to be handcuffed, face three (3) drawn firearms and be subject to a body cavity search and a "shake down" of your anus, without probable cause, I hope you have the good fortune to find someone like me to help you.

As my resume and weblog indicate, I am quite the professional. In fact, professors are teaching classes about about a case in which I wrote a successful Ohio Supreme Court Brief on in Ohio, State v. Lessin 67 Ohio State 3d. 487 (1993). My former employer is going to be active in my defense of these spurious charges.

I have attached an email chain clearly showing that the NAACP lied about everything material in this case. I've got much more to show at a time appropriate.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, Esq.

cc: world wide web; blind copies; my film makers

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