29 June 2005

Nashua Telegraph still Fair and Balanced; covered my lawsuit against Timmons, Levesque, Dunn

Ever since they emailed me the Telegraph has been reasonable. They were quite reasonable in today's paper, as well, even though WMUR'Channel 9 showed up to an arraignment press conference that I called, yet failed to mention at the 12:00/noon news that I called the conference, or even that I had filed suit against Gloria Timmons, Melanie Levesque and Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn.

Fortunately my film maker was there to capture the whole event, which will soon be a companion video to the one that is already on my website, along with the lawsuit, which will soon have the attachments available for view so that the entire World can be the Judge. So one detractor in my past says I'm a Dangerous Black Man, and Jaffrey Police say I'm an Extortionist. Why can't I just be a concerned citizen?

WMUR ran a 5:00 piece that failed to mention the First Amendment issue at all: I said "the point of fact is that the NAACP or a private citizen may command a press release about any issue of public concern, but an Indictment for so doing is a form of unlawful Prior Restraint because it chills the expression of Free Speech for all....." But all they ran was the last half of my quote which was that "any juror who would vote to convict on the facts of this case is asking for the government to come to their door to remove a bundle of their liberties," but since it was delievered without the first 8 seconds it rings shallow. What else is new. That's why up to this point I have to sing the praises of the Telegraph for at least reporting the gosh-darned facts, something the Boston Globe never has done with respect to American Tower.

BTW: "The NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue anyone?" (Levesque). Yeah, right. These suits involve money damages of $50 Million for crissakes . Isn't it clear in this case that they have totally lied about me? The question is, who put them up to it and why? Well whatever it takes to put a Dangerous Black Man in his place, I guess.

BTW: Own recognizance, $5,000.00 bond. And yes, I am very well represented by both of my attorneys, who kinda shy away from big time media stuff but you can look them up if you like.



Anonymous said...

Keep up the honest defense, Chris

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new video footage. Your story has legs, for sure.