22 June 2005

Nashua Telegraph Reasonably Fair and Balanced

At least the Telegraph, as opposed to WMUR Channel 9, noted that I claimed that I had notified the NAACP of everything I did, including my suspension. I am pleased to know that Channel 9 will be following up with me as soon as I return to Nashua. I wanted them to do a phone interview I am so upset, but this way I can actually show the documents on TV. Here is the Telegraph piece:
This information was available through this page, which was linked to my website by early afternoon, 21 June. Channel 9 did attempt to interview me, and did use footage from my website but did not mention anything from the blog. The main thing the Telegraph did not have space to mention was that The Columbus Bar Association's own documents stated that there was no prohibition in Ohio for lawyers to surreptitiously tape record conversations, and it is a fact that I had investigated and found that neighbors verified claims of racial slurs against my clients (a mixed-race couple) by the landlord. As such, we were acting as testers in a racially-concerned housing matter, pursuant to cases like Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty, 629 F Supp 1232, N.D. Ohio, 1983. When the landlord did not specifically use a racial slur at that time (they're getting smarter these days) but did make another disparaging remark, a slander claim was added to the personal injury claim. The city, by the way, had issued an emergency order on the property. The Ohio Supreme Court never even addressed the tester issue, which is part of the reason that Monitor Louis A. Jacobs said that "race, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role in my suspension.

And the story claims that there is no NAACP Boston Chapter, but the person who referred me to the Nashua Chapter is none other than Leonard Alkins, and I still have the emails.

And the article initially failed to mention my website or this page, so that people can discover the real story behind the story. How or why could I have been hiding my suspension from anyone while I was preparing a book movie and website about the whole thing? That's simply ridiculous.


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