26 June 2005

NAACP/Levesque lied about litigation policy

“We really do not condone what he’s doing,” said First Vice President Melanie Levesque in a message left on a reporter’s answering machine. “We were never at any time aware that he was going to extort money from the Jaffrey police." (New Hampshire Union Leader, 25 June 2005)

"The NAACP does not litigate, or threaten to sue any party, Levesque said." (Nashua Telegraph, 22 June 2005)

NAACP Leadership Mandatory Certification Training, 2005-2006 (provided to me several months after I assumed the Chair position and several weeks after the Willie Toney matter) reads, at page 58, that litigation authority can be given by the President and CEO and General Counsel for a Unit of the Organization seeking to "initiate, endorse or participate in legal action." Litigation, then, which presumably would start with a DEMAND LETTER, similar to the one that I wrote, seeking to resolve the matter without going into Court or protracted litigation, is indeed possible. A Demand Letter is not tantamount to extortion, nor is the threat of a press release. So who's really telling the truth here, and who was really "duped," in the words of Ms. Levesque? The American Public has been duped and my name has been smeared in front of millions of people, all because NAACP did not provide me with adequate protocol. In due time my attorneys and I will expose more lies that have been issued about me relative to this Felony Indictment for Attempted Extortion. Legal scholars: Extortion is a crime of moral turpitude the last time I checked, so damages are presumed in a Defamation Action. Stay tuned.

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