21 June 2005


Well well well. My roomies played the Channel 9 tape this evening. Funny how Mel Levesque I believe I heard say that I never told NAACP about my suspension from practice, but I have the emails directly to the contrary.

Funny how Chief Dunn said I issued an "ultimatim" when all I wrote was:

"......Despite so doing, and despite the fact that the officers knew he was with [his caucasian friend], they then subsequently strip-searched him.[actually it was a body cavity search when the man had no warrants, no drugs and no weapons other than the smallest Swiss Army Knife that every NH male has in his pocket]. As such, Mr. Toney has authorized us to issue a Demand of $65,000.00 to promptly resolve this matter without protracted litigation. We would like to see this resolved in the most amicable and reasonable manner possible. Please contact us on or before the close of business, 31 December, 2004 to commence discussions on this matter."

Subsequently I offered to present this case with Chief Dunn, at his classroom, without any statements being admissible in a court of law if we were to find a referral attorney for Mr. Toney. Referral attorney means that I cannot practice, right? Simple.

Also, as I make the point below, in "NAACP is a sellout organization" I never said I was "the Johnny Cochran of Columbus. " That comment came from Minister Donell Mohammad after I won a 4-day trespassing case for penny press operator Jerry L. Doyle.

Lastly, I never tried to take money from anyone in Connecticut and the only reason I was helping out down there was because Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons wanted me to help her sister down there! I did what I was told to do! I've got proof of that, too. They, not I, should be ashamed of themselves.

The truth will come out if it is the last thing I do.