23 June 2005

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Based on information and belief, Nashua NAACP First Vice President Melanie Levesque verbally indicated to Nashua Telegraph Reporter Al McKeon that there was no Boston Chapter, causing him to get it wrong in the story noted below, which thankfully now contains a link to this blog. The correction, if there is one yet, does not readily appear in the online edition. [correction made]. Her misrepresentation in that instance, and her outright lies about what Boston President Leonard Alkins and Greater Nashua Executive Committee knew about my suspension and negotiations with Chief Dunn have made me look bad. Very bad. Sit tight, Ms. Levesque: You, President Timmons and Chief Dunn will receive something special from me in short order.

I've got a stack of papers to choke a dinosaur to prove my point; heck before my appointment to the Legal Redress Chair I even sent hard and soft copies of proof of my suspension myself, to National NAACP and to NAACP Legal Defense Fund. So the question is, may someone who tells the truth -- and the truth clearly negating mens rea -- actually be incarcerated, or should the U.S. Attorneys/Justice Department step in? Oh, wait -- they told me to talk to the local prosecutor. But that would be the one who hung up on my attorneys yesterday...... Face it, folks: You open your mouth in this country and you are not safe from your employers or your government. Especially if you're a strong-willed Dangerous Black Man. But shouldn't we be concerned about truly dangerous people -- in Boston, Massachusetts no less -- instead? So this guy's walking around freely in Boston, while I'm getting the police and an indictment called on me for "threatening" to hold a press conference about police brutality. Hmmmmm......

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