21 April 2014

KingCast Presents: Kruder & Dorfmeister K & D Sessions.

Riding music.

KingCast Presents: Another Heavy Chevy.

Well ok not so heavy but whatever.  I owned this car for exactly 5 days. Long story but a good outcome for everyone! 

Related: Heavy Chevy montage.

17 April 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Bank of America Finally Give Loan Mod to a Brain-Injured Tiananmen Survivor Jane Mair in Seattle, Washington.

You know The Deal. The homeowner suffers a catastrophic brain injury or some other setback and the bank directly implies to them that the should stop making payments for three months to be eligible for what they call a loan mod (it likely is not a real loan mod, just the servicer agreeing to less money), then all hell breaks loose as they dual track your ass right on out of your home. Well not this time, thanks to vigorous grass roots support, multimedia presentations and lawyers licensed and consulting.

Now what is truly disturbing about this particular case is that as soon as I successfully helped Jane Mair obtain her Trial Payment Period Bank of America put me on an internal no-call list and refused to speak with me when Ms. Busby gave them my number to discuss her situation involving probable BoA foreclosure fraud and the use of the Safeguard goon squad to threaten her. As noted in this journal entry Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing the pants off of Safeguard for such conduct. Funny BoA and I were friends back when I was a closing attorney but now I guess they hate my guts, for shame for shame. And that shame is borne by them, not by me.

Google: KingCast + Jane Mair to catch a flavor.

16 April 2014

KingCast is Triumphant at Backfire Moto Night #45.

These people are about to cause me grievous bodily harm.....

Nah, just kidding. Video soon :)
Ahhhhh... one of life's finer treasures, and it is completely free to anyone who owns, rides or cares about scooters or motorcycles. It just can't be any more simple than that. Now of course, complications may arise when your mechanic finds reason to look at you like this...... so I have notified my life insurance carrier such that my loved ones will be well-sorted when my ticket comes up! Much more to come, for now enjoy the old shit from last year. And yeah, the new BMW is sublime. They have really got it right this time. I thought so when I saw the video but to see it in the flesh, yep it is very special. Of course it doesn't have a snarling triple engine so that relegates it behind whatever Triumph I own but hey. Triumph got that right arguably using old Kawasaki designs and now everybody wants a Triple, just ask Yamaha.

KingCast presents: Another Epic Goren Passover Seder!

The Gorens and their friends and associates are a complete trip and a complete pleasure to be around. Yes, there is video. Soon it may even see the light of day but for now, remember these epic images. These days I have only time for the best, so here are the two best from last evening's Seder.

14 April 2014

KingCast Says "Happy Birthday to Me!"

2004 Triumph Speed Triple Special Edition 12K miles.
As usual, yes there is video...... some day I'll actually post it.
With Farshad, the brilliant young engineer who sold me the newbie.

Here we have a nice card from work and
here we are sailing the high seas LOL....

A bad picture but a great night with Raspberri Elisa Davor Mandic and Greg L. Green!

06 April 2014

KingCast Presents: Satisfied Faces at Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Seattle Spring 2014.

It is so funny I have been trying to get to a Sharon Jones & Dap Kings show for the past several years and always something came up or I wasn't in town or not in NYC at the right time. But I can assure you I'll be working assiduously to make more of their shows. Thanks to you Sharon Jones for kicking cancer, and for being such a dynamic person and performer!

Stay tuned for a very short video - just the iPhone inside but I had the Canon outside and in the hallway for a few color comments from satisfied audience members.

05 April 2014

KingCast Lifestyle Presents: An Early Nautical Birthday on Bainbridge Island.

Fun times...  video and many many fun pics coming, as usual.
Small poster on that mid-stride doggie for sure.

02 April 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish on Charles Keating.

Charles Keating died this week, well good riddance to bad rubbish. I was living in his hometown of Cincinnasti (we share an alma mater, and I share one with Art Laffer too, ick) at the time this fuckfaced bastard was busy setting the tone for today's mortgage crisis and financial implosion that has crippled middle and lower-income America.

Two tears in a bucket, dude.