07 November 2018

A KingCast Ohio Open Letter: Facebook Sued Today for Shutting down Black Writers; Double Homicide Movie; Momma and Liko, Dettelbach loses.

Well guys,

I'm so bummed that Steve couldn't pull out the win for Ohio AG. Ugh. We had to hound his oppoenent Yost years ago to do anything about corruption in schools. Yah it involved Mary Jo Kilroy too, whatever. I'll never forget how we went from being drinking buddies to complete enemies once Bob Fitrakis, State Rep Kennedy-Kent: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/bernadine-kennedy-kent

.....and I started digging into CPS dirt, but hey as you know I just don't care too much about that. Life is life and I am fully comfortable where I am. I don't formally practice anymore and I probably never will. I will get my license back in the next year just so folks can't say "you're still suspended" but yah I would rather work on the private side for a living and go public and sue the various jerks of the World at will to try to keep them honest.

And on my movie projects there are some serious moves underway as I write this note. A real investigation into the Franconia shooting double homicide involving a very dirty cop :)

Also, Facebook has a penchant for attacking black males. This black male is going to go to Trial on it. No settlement. Injunctive Relief hearing today. https://www.scribd.com/document/392343705/Facebook-Faces-Lawsuit-on-Community-Guidelines-Terms-of-Service-ToS-and-Racism-per-42-U-S-C-1981

Cheers guys, and congrats to both Attorneys Gelsomino and Greene for joining F-G Law. And congrats on the "new" digs to you and State Rep Kent. I was in Cleveland a couple weeks ago for a Hawken reunion but it was waaaay too fast to get by and holler. Keep on keepin' on!

We lost Momma yesterday. Nine long years of acute frontal lobe dementia preceded by 15-20 of its gradual onset, unbeknownst to us. In her Spirit and in Liko Kenney's Spirit I move forwards. Momma told me to get a blog in the 90's when I was still practicing. 

"Son you have a voice, you need to get a blog.
"Ah Mom that's stupid. Who does that?"

Momma is always right.

Christopher King, J.D.

04 November 2018

KingCast is Set to Sue Facebook for Unlawful Discrimination per 42 U.S.C. §1981, Breach of Contract, Promissory Estoppel.

Momma didn't like me cussing too much even though we did it in our private lives so I'm gonna do my level best to avoid it in this case but I will say this:  They clearly want war. Well that is exactly what they are going to get. I'm pulling the CL ad now because I've already got exactly who and what I need for this first phase. There will be subsequent CL ads.... FB doesn't own them yet, right. Someone said "hey they have teams of lawyers."  

I'm not worried about their teams of lawyers. Typically wherever I go they pull their best and their brightest and most connected, and unless I'm dealing with a U.S. Senator, I still win. You can't beat the Truth, my legal chops and a Sony 4K FDR-1000V in an Open Court guys. With a Canon DSLR and Sigma 1.4 Art Lens or the 45mm 2.8 Zeiss Pancake for stills. So bring whatever you've got guys because I'm not scared of you and my law school probably outranks yours anyway, so there: 

The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

Twitter, FB etc are essentially public utilities but they are not held to any measurable standards when it comes to arbitrary or capricious censorship. It's like Big Brother, but worse: 

This is similar to the shopping mall cases Pruneyard et al allowing some measure of public discourse in an arguably private milieu.... however these cases are no longer good law but this is different because the private mall was NOT specifically created for public discourse and for making money off of such discourse.

FB, Twitter et al. definitely ARE created exclusively for the purpose of public discourse.  So we need an independent FB page or website noting the pernicious effects of arbitrary and capricious free speech restrictions when the protections of same are abdicated by the State in this Country and allowed to be governed by the whimsy of culturally hegemonic private entities like FB, Twitter and the like, even in direct violation of their own stated Terms of Service.  They need to get busted up a la Baby Bells, for sure.

This case is going to represent a good first step and the Senators and everyone involved in the Facebook/Zuckerberg hearings needs to know about it. And believe me, they will.
David Bogo, you cannot begin to manage this risk.
I aim to slam your client right down on the fucking mat dude.
Seriously. Ready your own ToS. They are in the Complaint for you.
And it was mighty white of me to give y'all advance Notice of the TRO huh?
I'm nice like that. 

The Court ORDERED Facebook to restore my privileges in the short run
to allow me to speak about my mother, her life and the impact of our relationship.
Much of that impact deals with social justice, journalism law and blogging.

I told their only known local counsel if they don't have me hooked up by close of business today, 9 November 2018 I am going to move for Contempt of Court. Now, see they hide their Registered Agent Information info but believe me if I can investigate a murder case I can find their stupid Registered Agent:

2710 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 150N Sacramento, CA 95833.

I Just landed in NYC to see my family and move our Momma to her Next Place. I think it might be these guys.... Stay tuned. What was that song by Talking Heads... these Slippery People, right. Live version here.


The funny thing is, back to you Mr. Bogo, why were you cc'd as a risk manager anyway if "there is nothing Cooley can do about [my] account?"  
Re: Cooley 2 minutes ago at 7:13 AM 
From Christopher King 
To "Robertson, John" 
Cc "Bogo, David" 

Some changes to the Complaint guys. So tomorrow here's the colloquy right: 

"Counsel have you attempted to resolve this matter through extrajudicial means?" 

"Yah. The only known local Counsel for them told me to get fucked." 

 P 10 [3] Defendant’s Counsel is no better: Extrajudicial attempts to resolve the matter have been fruitless. Plaintiff informed the only known area attorneys of this impending litigation. Their managing partner John Robertson tried to criminalize Plaintiff and implied that he would be charged with criminal trespass if he went there again: 

I would like to remind you that we are a private business and people are here working to get their jobs done. Access to our offices is for our employees and clients. You do not have permission to enter our offices. Please do not contact our employees any further. It is interfering with our business. 
 P 14 F. Punitive Damages for such other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper. Plaintiff has now been banned from Facebook on his birthday and on the passing of his mother from this World for no lawful reason. 

 Dated 7 November, 2018

 Christopher King, J.D.

Sir, I don't know when Facebook decided to marginalize folks like me but I can tell you I will be the last one you try to impose your FB brand of cultural hegemony.  On behalf of all dark-skinned peoples your client has mistreated I am going to cc everyone at my law school and prep school. Better batten down the hatches, mate. You are in for one rough ride. When I am finished you will thoroughly understand the concept of Fair Play.

They have done it again, put another brown person in Facebook Jail without reason or rationale. Time to sue. I'll do a fireside chat by Wednesday, 5 Nov. 2018 and I'll see to it that it is posted on Facebook, along with the results from the forthcoming Injunction hearing demanding immediate reinstatement of my privileges:

My conduct saying the Sheriff made me feel like a nigger by ignoring the white man who spat 5 F-Bombs in my nigger face is PROTECTED SPEECH according to FB's own ToS.
Read it. It's in my lawsuit. 

On Nov 05, 2018, at 05:56 PM, Christopher King <kingcast955@icloud.com> wrote:

I came to you in the Spirit of resolution. Let’s not get into licensee invitee trespasser bullshit. That didn’t play out well for a certain other law office but alas more I cannot say😀

Whomever represents Facebook I’m more than happy to meet them in Court, with my customary cameras.

Send this to your “Diversity” Chair LOL


Sent from my iPhone

On Nov 5, 2018, at 2:58 PM, Robertson, John <jrobertson@cooley.com> wrote:
Hi Mr. King,
We sat down in our offices the last time you came into our office, a Friday afternoon several months ago.  I thought we had a productive conversation and that you understood from that conversation that there is nothing we (Cooley) can do about your account at Facebook and any issues you have with Facebook.

I would like to remind you that we are a private business and people are here working to get their jobs done.  Access to our offices is for our employees and clients.  You do not have permission to enter our offices.  Please do not contact our employees any further.   It is interfering with our business. 


John Robertson
Cooley LLP
1700 Seventh Ave, Suite 1900
Seattle, WA 98101-1355
+1 206 452 8763 office
Watch it all on Roku TV "Corruption Meets Camera."

03 November 2018

KingCast Settles Seattle RCW 42.56 Public Information Lawsuit, and Gives People in a Certain FB Community the Finger.

I settled two lawsuits last week. They both involved document requests and allegations of deceitful conduct. One of them I can talk about in explicit detail and one of them I cannot.

There are a lot of people in Western Washington's Dog Community who probably did not want to see me score a victory in a certain lawsuit I maintained against a certain Kennel and Training Facility that cannot be named pursuant to Settlement. 

These people -- all of them white --  had a million things to complain about and many of them complained the most about me because I said that institutionalized racism was a part of my experience.  

Fuck 'em. Especially that Jamie Edwards asshole. She's always trying to take a piss but then when you ask her to explain why she hates me she can never say anything.

Meanwhile what really matters is that the employees of the facility were able to share information with me that I was able to use to educate the public and to arrive at a reasonable settlement for my efforts. 

I remember at one point another white person opened a GoFund me page and then sporadically said that there was something "shady" about me. Fuck you too dude.

And lastly I know that the guy who runs Seattle Dog Spot has always refused to highlight any of my actions, even two years ago when we had to sue on behalf of Livi the Wonderdog who was killed in a bad kennel. He refused us even after KOMO ran a story and we recovered one of the highest dog Settlements in Washington history.

So he can go fuck himself, too.

So many white people out here in the purportedly progressive Northwest having a problem with a colorful negro and they want to tell him how to operate. Newsflash: I don't really need your help navigating any legal waters. It would be nice if you would run stories about important developments but to the extent that you don't because you don't like my color -- or shall we say -- flair, you can go piss up a rope the lot of ya.


Now then, on to the City of Seattle Settlement. It cost the Seattle taxpayers $2,750.00 to have the Seattle City Council repeatedly try to dodge my request for their notes and the City Attorney notes on why they did not and will not sue Mortgage Industry Juggernaut MERS -- Mortgage Electronic Registration Services.

All of this is pretty odd considering they paid a Consultant to review the King County Recorder of Deeds office and she basically said "Sue MERS."  And of course 12 Counties in Oregon have sued MERS but the bitch-assed "reporters" out here like the Seattle Times' Mike Rosenberg won't even cover it. More on this on Susan Harmon's Radio show soon as noted in my lead post on the matter.

I'll be posting the documents early next week.

18 October 2018

KingCast Observes the Racists at New York Life Reading KingCast Materials.

Usually this means there has been a development in one of the many cases against these pigs, and they are checking to see if I've posted it yet, or if they have been added to my Roku TV Show "Corruption Meets Camera."

Soon guys. There was a glitch in the file transfer. Soon.

Back story of racism.

18 September 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies see Seattle Times and Mike Rosenberg Protecting Seattle City Hall by Refusing to Cover the MERS Debacle and Homeless Funding.

Preface: I know The Deal, as I have worked for a major daily (Indy Star) and edited a statewide weekly (Call & Post). Major press swoops in and chokes the Truth out of whatever they don't want to talk about with their grubby hegemonic hands.

To wit, in another life in the 1990's the Columbus Alive was a fantastic alternative paper. They were cutting edge and loved the Civil Rights and First Amendment cases I filed that I almost always won. Even when I technically lost, my clients got what they wanted they just didn't get paid as they should have because of corruption.

Then the major press -- Columbus Dispatch -- bought the Columbus Alive and I never got a call or a story again. It's shitty and that's why I will never again grovel for some bullshit editor who tells me what I can and cannot do. No way. RIP Jerry Doyle, you were the best.

Meanwhile here in present day Seattle, suing MERS is but one way the City could help fund solutions to the mortgage crisis. See this recent post containing the video and lawsuit link as well. But when I asked them for their notes as to why they would not do it, as other Counties have done in Oregon, they stonewalled my public records request as seen in my lawsuit and so I had to sue City Council last week, on 11 September 2018. 

Meanwhile major press -- the Seattle The Seattle Times -- continues to ignore the lawsuit. Read my most recent emails to them by and through one Mike Rosenberg, pictured.
Mike are you going to follow up on this? 
Yesterday at 12:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Sir! 

When I wrote you last week you said you would look at it after I filed. I filed the next day, 11 September. It is now 17 September and I have not heard from you in spite of the facts that: 

1. The lawsuit is timely. 

2. The lawsuit is topical -- particularly in light of your coverage of open government issues and the Lincoln Beauregard lawsuit that is also currently pending on a directly relevant public records issue. 

3. Seattle itself admitted that it has to go "back to the drawing board" on homeless funding and development. 

As you know, I have worked for major daily press as a reporter and edited a statewide weekly prior to law school. I am asking for professional courtesy on this as to you and your editor's intentions as I gave you the first crack at this for print media. 
Thank you. 

And did I neglect to mention that I usually win these lawsuits? 
"The Court finds that the present lawsuit was necessary in order for the plaintiff to obtain the documents.... the Franconia Defendants are responsible for the plaintiff's cost in bringing suit to obtain the records.....the Court reserves judgment on the proportion of an award of costs to be paid by each of the Defendants to the plaintiff until after the Court has conducted its in camera review of the documents to be provided by the Attorney General." 
Lawsuit settled after I filed for Summary Judgment and Mr. Berlo got to build his home, finally. 

Meanwhile he is the subject of one of my TV shows for fighting racism in Boston Fire Department. http://christopher-king.blogspot.com/2018/05/kingcast-presents-lights-camera-action_7.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g3UrHdj8qA 

Just want you to be fully informed my Fourth Estate Brother,