28 November 2015

KingCast Explains the Infatuation With the Honda NX250 a/k/a "The Odd One."

Basically, with a set of 17 x 21 hoops and decent tires and some suspension mods it will do most of whatever I would ask of it in the dirt, and on the street, well.... I'll let others do the talking:

Thumpertalk I.
Evenin folks, just a silly question that's been bugging me since I bought my crf. My brother has a NX250 (88?) that I have ridden quite a few miles on. Now, I haven't had a chance as yet, to ride them back to back. But I'm convinced that the old NX would walk all over a crfl in stock form. And I'm not certain that it wouldn't out perform my crf even with the ejk and filter mods. For those unfamiliar, the nx is a water cooled, carbed, 6 speed street/dirt bike from back in the late 80's early 90's. So my question is, if Honda had a design and tooling for a bulletproof (brother has 30,000+ miles) water cooled 250 motor already developed, that performs as well or better that our crf's, why start from "scratch"? Honda is well known for leaving well enough alone, sometimes for decades at a time. So unless the old design was just fantastically expensive to build, I just can't figure out why?

Thumpertalk II
Everytime i look at her i cant believe it is an 1988...... Rode the new yamaha wr250 today at the local shop, maybe its because its factory restricted, but my old girl would flog it, sure with some mods though the wr would be much better, not for the price but....

27 November 2015

KingCast Says: "Keep Calm and Sophie On."

In remembrance of a beautiful person who left our World far too early. I suppose Heaven was missing an angel, and so it came to pass that Sophie Kuniholm left our midst this month.  

We met only once, but in those ten minutes I knew what a quality person she was, and my impressions were bolstered by the stories my girlfriend would tell me about visiting her at the hospital. I have listened to my father tell me the story of how we lost my eldest sister Michelle nearly 60 years ago and I can only imagine what a family goes through in a time like this. That picture perfectly captures her Spirit.

I send my love and all prayers to Sophie, her parents and their entire Universe of friends and extended family.

22 November 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Another Woof Day at the Office!

Livi be quiet cos momma's gonna come back and wonder what all that racket is!

20 November 2015

KingCast, Mortgage Movies and BK Judge Ronald Sargis Say Bottom-Feeder Attorneys at Wright, Finlay & Zak Have No Retainer Agreement or Right to Represent Ocwen et al. in Raposo et al v. Ocwen, Adversary Case No. 15-2095.

Supplemental: In re Nissen, 11-30546 challenged Ocwen Loan Servicing's very existence.... until push came to shove and everything seemed cleared up as noted by the Civil Minute Order below. However I could not find any Record Evidence as to what documents were filed that could have mollified the Court relative to its concerns. I dunno... those of you with Pacer accounts can do the same thing I did, take a look for yourself and if you see anything let me know.
Read pp 37-41.

Dear Attorney Cianchetta,
My background with WFZ is summarized here:
I am reading with rapt interest the preliminary BK ORDER in which the Court took substantial issue with, inter alia, WFZ's right to even represent Ocwen et al. in Raposo et al v. Ocwen, Adversary Case No. 15-2095:

By the way, Ocwen is scum. See how they railroaded two attorneys here in Washington: 
 By way of background I was both a Civil Rights Attorney and Escrow/Land Use Attorney as well as a career journalist, daily, weekly and independent. Anyway WFZ are complete bottom feeders IMO, this is why they apparently don't really have an office in Seattle but rather rented office space in which to conduct a Deposition last year.  At said Deposition they (by and through junior attorney Luke Wozniak rudely reneged on an agreement to allow me to run video as I had done for Plaintiff's Deposition, and threatened to call security on me in the blink of an eye. It's all captured on audio/video.

05 November 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies are Back in the Classroom.... Talking About How The Court and Wright, Finlay & Zak Attorneys Treat him Like a Nigger.

5 November 2015 Update: KingCast is back in the classroom..... and will continue to be.... back in the classroom, teaching law & media access and making a movie with a working title "The Journalist." Much of it has already been written, in Federal Court no less. Exactly what gave Judge Lasnik the right to speak to me that way in the second thumbnail? I've successfully tried and settled Federal and State cases, I was an Assistant State Attorney General. And I believe the Court was fully aware of my First Amendment Mayoral Commendation (In Council Chambers) in New Hampshire as well. I did not do all those things to be treated like a thug nigger by Luke Wozniak, Renee Parker, Wright Finlay or anybody else, so a movie will be made and a lawsuit filed, dammit. Wait for the Transcript and more, soon.

Court Transcript- And Reply Bar Assn Protects Dirty Wright Finlay & Zak Attorneys Luke Wozniak and Rene...

02 November 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See SEC v. Bank of America/MERS $335M Settlement Net Commitment from Nick Licata to Schedule Marie McDonnell Presentation.

KingCast Mortgage Movies Nick Licata Letter Puts AG Bob Ferguson on Hot Seat for Marie McDonnell King Count...

Above is the full hallway video in which anyone can see and hear that Nick Licata is feeling a heavy hand from certain attorneys (and others) as he and I discuss the city reneging on its commitment and promise to bring Marie McDonnell in to present her MERS audit findings to City Council: 

3:00 -- "No one wanted me to bring Marie." 

WTF... why NOT? She just testified successfully on a $5.4M Jury trial and has provided successful testimony in Massachusetts State Court and in Pennsylvania Federal District Court. Sad to say, but they have completely lost their minds and are offering nothing more than a grave disservice to the constituents they claim to serve. 

Well folks, sadly the plot thickens. There are certain elements within City Hall who claim to honestly believe that Ms. McDonnell is not enitled to say the same thing on TV, to City Council and to the taxpayers that she just told the Texas Jury in the $5.4M Jury Verdict (more) foreclosure trial.  For what it's worth, I have had massive problems dealing with Wells Fargo on settling second mortgages and with respect to mediation hearings..... multiple Bad Faith findings, the works.  They are simply horrible.

Further, and with respect to this specific issue, watch the videos above and below and read my public information request regarding the AG Ferguson's choice of Consumer Law Attorneys and continued persecution of Civil Rights and Housing Attorney Scott Stafne at SCRIBD.

6 November 2015 Update:  December 9 2015 was offered by Councilor Licata and accepted by Marie Miller..... next step will be to command Attorneys General Consumer Attorneys and representatives from the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions to be present.  Rumor has it that there is going to be some proposed legislation coming forward as well but I will not confirm or deny such rumors.

In point of fact, just the other day Trustee Rocky MacDonald and had a nice phone interview and he was saying that much of his problem comes from a lack of clear direction from Olympia.  Rocky is a lawyer with a conscience, and we get along just fine because that is how I approached my legal practice and that is how I approach my journalism practice. Let's hope he gets his wish, and stay tuned for that interview coming up 9 Nov.
That's Seattle radio personality Susan Harmon on the mic.
Listen to a half-hour with Ms. Harmon, Attorney Stafne and me here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nick Licata today promised me he would get the ball rolling on getting Ms. McDonnell to Seattle to present her findings on the King County MERS Mortgage Review and Audit. Several of us again spoke today in favor of such a development. Here is your back story on the leaked audit and prior attempts. Order up now folks while fares are dirt cheap: Less than $600 will get Ms. McDonnell and Fred Popke here and back. I told Councilor Licata that's the only reason I am always on the East Coast -- you have to plan ahead to afford it.  

Another bystander noted that he said he was going to piss off a lot of bureaucrats but of course eternal vigilance is the price of Freedom. Nick thanks for Doing the Right Thing. 

Stay tuned for Details and video from today's event.

01 November 2015

KingCast Presents: Shoreline Halloween Hamlin Haunt 2015 Stills and Video.

This is about a sense of community.
This is part of what I do when I am not allegedly issuing death threats 
to unscrupulous lying attorneys who don't want to be caught on video.

Produced by Shoreline Parks and Recreation

North City Neighborhood Association volunteers: 
Ken and Victoria Adams, John Fleming, Mark Notermann 

Neighborhood volunteers: 
Elisa Bronstein, Christopher King, Mika Notermann, Anisa Thompson 

North City Business Association: 
Charlotte Haines 

North City Neighborhood Association