25 May 2015

KingCast Presents: A Nice 2004 Kawasaki KLR 250 Dual Sport for Sale.

I can't think of a thing wrong with it. Bought it for a trip down memory lane as I had one 27 years ago and I always knew I would be upgrading to a WR 250R. Price is $1,850 and the miles are 5,200, 2,200 since I bought her last fall. Email is kingcast955@icloud.com 

24 May 2015

KingCast Presents: Puppies Again!

Livi the Wonderdog and her GSP buddy Booker are a natural couple!  The other puppy not quite so much. I just happened to catch a magic moment.

21 May 2015

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Backfire Moto 54.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Magistrate Merz in Dereliction of Duty in Busby Foreclosure Case by Ignoring Binding Case Law of Slorp v. Lerner, BoA & MERS.

Dear Magistrate Merz: You are intellectually bankrupt for trying to apply only the portions of Slorp that obtain against Patty Busby as you refuse to take Judicial Notice of the rest of Slorp. I might file a Judicial Complaint against you my damn self now that I finally figured out what you just did. Little People in America have to stand up to Judicial abuse from people like you. When I practiced Judges could run roughshod over me with little to no consequence but the Internet changed all of that. Just ask Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty when I embarrassed her in to recusing herself for not telling me she worked at the same law firm as Kelly Ayotte in a Free Press lawsuit. And not only that, she worked directly under my opposing Counsel. Watch this video about her little backdoor recusal
Now then: Ohio Southern District Magistrate Michael Merz sure is making some shady moves in my opinion, choosing not to review his own case law or recent binding precedent from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. What he did was only apply Slorp to the FDCPA elements and nothing else, then refused to take Judicial Notice of the rest.

I put it right out there in the video. I just don't care anymore because Judges need called out when they do shit like this. It ruins whatever integrity was left in the system.

Here is more about the cases (Troy Doucet, Esq. website + 6th Circuit Appellate Decision) and here is more about the dirty law firm of Reimer & Arnovitz. They're so dirty they know they can't sue me for Defamation so they have to let it slide because any Jury would be giving me daps and asking for my website information.

18 May 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Kent County Delaware Register of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna, Holly Malone and Attorney John Pardee Attempt to Truncate Discovery with Bullshit Dispositive Motions.

Media. Just like KIRO 7 only smaller. 
Access, because it is Constitutional.
This is simple stuff, folks.
Today's email to Counsel for Defendants:
Good Day Counselors and media, 

I.  Offer of Proof Video in Production.
I left the Bat Cave this afternoon to document that which common sense tells us. If you don't get it now you never will. 
Fortunately Jon Scherer, Recording Manager of King County gets it.
Stay tuned for the video link and the Court filing.

Voluntary Dismissal of Negligent and Intentional Emotional Distress Claim.
That is self-explanatory. Document and Proposed order forthcoming.

III.  Modification to Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.
As to Plaintiff's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment I'll be modifying that because I forgot to mention the Free Press Claim.
§5. Freedom of press; evidence in libel prosecutions; jury questions.
Section 5. The press shall be free to every citizen who undertakes to examine the official conduct of men acting in a public capacity; and any citizen may print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty. In prosecutions for publications, investigating the proceedings of officers, or where the matter published is proper for public information, the truth thereof may be given in evidence; and in all indictments for libels the jury may determine the facts and the law, as in other cases. 

Defendants can do and say and they please. That's what people running a dirty operation will do. Conversely, here in Seattle I've got City Councilors coming to my housing events and astutely following everything I say when I step up to the microphone, including the audits of County Recorder's offices that Defendants will never do, because they are in bed with the Devil.

I wanted to get this email to you immediately in the unlikely event that your clients would like to speak with Mr. Scherer today there's still time!!!

The video is coming tonight and the documents will be overnighted to the Court tomorrow and sent to you in a timely manner.

That is all for now.

Very Truly Yours,
Thomas Paine supports KingCast in vicious Free Press battle after the stolen La Mar Gunn​ Register of Deeds Election. They refused to answer my phone calls about false statements they made about Mr. Gunn, and refused to allow me to run video of all the criminal activity going on in a public building. That is a thumbnail from the closing page of my Motion to hold their bullshit Dispositive Motion in Abeyance until I finish my G___D___ Discovery. In Fn2 I wrote:

 2 Speaking of the Constitution in an historical context, think of it this way: The Defendants have already shot their collective wad and there really isn’t anything at this point that they can learn about Plaintiff that will aide them in any material way in Defending this case. Plaintiff, conversely --- as an Original Pamphleteer in the Spirit of Thomas Paine in a digital era -- is still loading his muzzle. It really is that simple.

They cited to my loss in KingCast v. Ayotte, which involved Private property. But as you can see, Ayotte complies with the Law when it comes to her elected office and public property.

I'll publish my Motion to Hold their Dispositive Motions in Abeyance by tomorrow, as well as some of the Motions to Compel. They are sooooo full of shit you can't believe it. Well actually the sad thing is, you probably CAN believe it.

Here is your back story, with an Interview between Candidate Gunn and 105.9 and here is the interview between WDEL 101.7 and Yours Truly.

17 May 2015

11 May 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Nasty Phone Call with CHASE Foreclosure Servicer Documented.

NOT-AP:  We have been trying to get up with these clowns for 9 months now.... getting the runaround as to who owns the Note.... then the guy on the phone -- who is apparentl a CHILD sex offender BTW -- got salty with me and tried to tell me that the Meet and Confer Statute didn't mean anything, and implied that I had not made phone calls that I indeed did make. Now they won't cough up the audio of the first call but I made audio of the next two. Take a listen.

A KingCast Moment of Silence on Franconia 5/11 and Notation of former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte Coverup.

Today is 5/11. When Liko Kenney awoke today 8 years ago he was in a good mood and was having a great day at work, according to Mickey deRham, who saw him that afternoon.  He had no idea that he would never make it home after Norman Bruce McKay violated several specific police policies as he Pepper sprayed Liko and bashed his car out of public view, without any specific directive.  The rest is a history of coverups by former NH Attorney cum U.S. Senator General Kelly Ayotte, as noted in Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains, and as more fully detailed herein.