31 August 2015

KingCast Presents: Cafe Aroma Block Party 2015 With the Princess and New Method Blasters!

Fun times, fun times.... A short video coming.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Jack Markell & Joe Biden DE Legacy Marked by Racism, Police Abuse, Stolen Election & First Amendment Contempt.

1 Sept. 2015 Update: 

First of all, should the government defense attorneys in my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit go to gloat on their websites about how they stopped a pesky reporter from running video in "interior offices" or at "employee" cubicles on the King v. McKenna lawsuit I want people to be able to see the Google link to this case as reported: http://courts.delaware.gov/opinions/download.aspx?ID=226120 --- and see the Motion to Recuse and other documentation to know that's all a pack of lies by an oppressive government that takes pride in restricting First Amendment access to anything. Hell one of the Defendants in my case had to sue to obtain First Amendment information and he's a high-powered attorney in the State -- John Paradee.  I can't find the case right now but I found it on Lexis, it's in my Memoranda I'll dig it up later today.

Second, there are things about the shooting that I intentionally omitted but which I might as well say now that it is in the general public as seen on Dr. Jahi Issa's FB page:  Mr. Fletcher was apparently shot in the side/back, but the gun he allegedly had in his possession was found "in the near vicinity" or words of similar import, meaning it's probably a community gun and he probably didn't have it on his person when he alighted from the porch, which corresponds with witness testimony that Delaware police will try to suppress -- the same way they hid the dash cam of the kicking assault earlier this year, infra

So now you have a situation with LE shooting an unarmed man in the back. Fleeing or not, without a stated fear or apprehension of safety or bodily harm to others that's when Indictments get served, but probably not in Delaware.... where they just do whatever the hell they want to most of the time.

Third, Dr. Issa informs me that when he was wrongfully arrested before he won his criminal trial three dangerous bald men approached him in jail and threatened him with bodily harm unless he signed a document waiving his right to be on DSU campus. He complained to the FBI, which did nothing.... which is par for the course if you watch the movie and see how Joe Biden and the Feds handled multiple felon Greg Floyd, a white man.  These people are sick.

Lastly, it was reported to me that the man in the video who was arrested was arrested after he simply criticized the police for discharging their weapons in a pre-school zone, a valid criticism according to the law I just cited this month in my Free Press case, how about that? Yep, First and Third Circuit case law of Higginbotham v. City of New York 2015 U.S. Dist Lexis 62227 (May 12, 2015) and Montgomery v. Killingsworth, 2015 U.S. Dist Lexis 7152 (January 22, 2015).  As seen in the thumbnails below Higginbotham slammed Judge Young's bullshit analysis of one of my important cases (Iacobucci), and Killingsworth noted how it is perfectly legal to observe and to criticize police within reason. From what I heard, this man was not out of line, yet was arrested because Delaware treats its niggers (some of whom are even white) that way, and that is why I will never again set foot in that despicable environment. 

 31 August Update -- I wrote the global email: 

And by the way Detective Hill, while they are thinking about prosecuting me, how about prosecuting Bill Christy for threatening to whip my black ass online (read below) and calling me a motherfucker on my phone? 

Or is that just the Delaware Way. 

Been waiting 6 years for this day, and y'all played right into it. 

Last week's comprehensive journal entry on the NAACP/Denn/Markell/Delaware Journal coverup story where Central NAACP President La Mar was not even invited to the meeting. The thumbnail video pictures below may be viewed as YouTube videos at this link.

Look: I don't give a damn that Governor Markell and Judge Robert B. Young or the Defendants in my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit hate every second of my videos.  Further, I don't give a damn that Joe Biden is running for President. I'm going to say what I have to say, and that includes him telling me that he and Barack would address multiple 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations by white men like Greg Floyd, then failing to bust a grape..... bottom line is that he needs to take care of business in his own back yard before trying to run a Country.

Let's face it folks Governor Markell's legacy is now forever tainted and potential presidential candidate Joe Biden should be ashamed. While Baltimore takes all the national attention what we continue to see in this country time and time again is that black lives really don't matter in Delaware either. I've covered stories where some white lives didn't matter as well, but the problem is particularly pronounced against blacks and all of this goes back decades to the Baldus study for you legal scholars.

What type of people defend the police on public fora?  Interestingly 7 years after our first meeting, I see a potty-mouthed Bill Christy, a/k/a Lower Slower Delaware, who falsely befriended me when I was investigating police abuse against whites in Franconia, NH.   Liko Kenney shot a notoriously abusive cop before a multiple felon Greg Floyd picked up the cops gun and executed Mr. Kenney. More on Floyd and Joe Biden later, but Christy identified himself as a Judge Advocate General Attorney in the armed forces, then turned on me and said that I had no arguments and that there was no coverup. Come to find out he never was an attorney of any kind, so the more I exposed he called me a nigger and a motherfucker on my voicemail and tried to get it removed from YouTube. He failed but that's how it is in Delaware, racist. And Christy is a liar watch the movie. Here he is calling me a motherfucker.

He publicly wrote: I am 5'11" and weight 185 pounds and I could kick you(sic) ignorant little black ghetto ass any day of the week and not even break a sweat.

And he did it in a forum designed to address the concerns of a dead child:

So today first we will watch the lies in action over in Bloomfield NJ where the police are facing a lawsuit for covering up video and lying after unlawful threatened use of deadly force and evidence tampering then move on to Delaware.
In this case yesterday I demanded all of the 911 audio and video camera information from the State. Many people claim that Terrence Fletcher did not have a gun in his immediate possession when shot. Lets get one thing straight:  As a former LE attorney and journalist I can tell you that police lie, especially when it comes to a potentially wrongful use of force. That is why it is Constitutional to run video of any public official during the prosecution of their duties, subject to reasonable time place and manner restrictions. This is true in the lobby of the Kent County Delaware Recorder of Deeds too, where I came to investigate the stolen election against LaMar Gunn but Judge Robert B. Young won't admit it, but more on that later.

Now then in Delaware recall the kick in face to a handcuffed black suspect. Recall the five (5) male deaths that AG Matt Denn determined to be suicides, as if black males are apt to go to public parks and hang themselves with belts. Recall the 911 tape that I just obtained regarding Henry Fordham, who narrowly escaped an attempted lynching. Dover police refused to provide this tape for years, but you can hear all of it, and learn a lot more about how Delaware really works as a tool of oppression, driven by big money and banking interests, on the journal pages linked in this YouTube video.

Of particular note and fully documented on my pages is how Joe Biden promised me that his administration would crack down on multiple gun felon Greg Floyd, a white man, but they did nothing and he went on to criminally threaten his neighbor with a gun, I've got the courtroom video of his conviction and violent outbursts on my pages.

27 August 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies in Dismay at Coverup NAACP/Racism Puff Piece in Delaware News Journal That Ignores Lynchings, the Stolen La Mar Gunn Election and Judge Robert B. Young's Misconduct in King v. McKenna First Amendment Lawsuit.

BTW La Mar Gunn tells me he wasn't even invited to that little Dog'n'Pony show... and he is NAACP Central President as noted in another Delawareonline feature,  "NAACP: War Being Waged on Dover's Black Community."  These people are pure scum.
 All right guys, 

That story is weak:

When we spoke an hour ago:

I told her all about how Judge Young made up facts and ignored law to dismiss my First Amendment case; told her how he put me in "interior offices and employee cubicles" when I was nowhere near any such things, and how he ignored all of my professional credentials to instead pejoratively call me (as a black man) a "guerrilla journalist." Yeah, well guerrilla THIS Your Honor:

Yeah well he's a Real-Life Archie Bunker, how about that.  Real Men like Randy NewmanNed Beatty, or Carroll O'Connor (RIP) see him for what he really is: A hegemonic, bigoted, bought-and sold racist Judge who doesn't know his First Amendment ass from a hole in the ground.

I told her all about how the State stole the Election from LaMar Gunn.

I told her a bit about Dr. Jahi Issa and the lynchings that Attorney Denn ignored and claimed were "suicides."

I told her everything she needs to know she can see in the Rednecks video and the video about Detective Hill calling me while AG Denn stalled in addressing my Civil Rights complaint that they bailed on for all the wrong reasons because Denn is Markell's boot licking water boy as noted in the videos.  Markell is an architect of racism himself, ask Chip Flowers and La Mar Gunn.

And I told her about my background as an NAACP Legal Chair and daily news reporter before law school and several successful First Amendment trials and settlements while I told her that I know full well that her bought-and-sold editors will never allow any coverage of my case or anything real about those lynchings "In Delaware, they Lynch Negroes (Donald Ayotte, Red state).

In the end even if I don't appeal (to face another corrupt Delaware Court before trying to get Cert. at SCOTUS) at least I have inflicted some collateral damage and obtained the 911 call regarding the first degree assault/attempted murder against Henry Fordham and many of us will be forwarding the information to the Republicans. 

She said send me some information, well that's bullshit; she's been on this email chain for at least a week now.

Your State is a joke. More accurately a crying shame, and as noted by Randy Newman and me, you are the real "Rednecks" of the so-called progressive North, when every other State allows Free Press Cameras, be it Constitutional, statutory or common law -- even the southern states.  

But Good Ol' Boy Judge Young ignored all of that and just threw my case out and basically said "go to hell nigger, take me up on appeal," just as I told Reporter Masulli.

The shame is Delaware's not mine. Below is my Motion to Recuse Judge Robert B. Young for manifest bias in my case but just before that, take a little while to watch the video about Potential Democratic Candidate Joe Biden lying to me about protecting America from multiple felon Greg Floyd. Floyd, seen at left, is basically a caged animal who violated 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) repeatedly, and VP Biden walked up to me in Nashua when I brought it up and he put his arm around me and asked "you're a lawyer aren't you," and I said "yessir, and I just want to make sure you guys do the right thing."  

Well he did not, and despite numerous letters to the U.S. Attorneys office they never addressed this matter and Floyd of course went on to be convicted for threatening his elderly female neighbor with a gun. In the video below watch the explosive courtroom outburst from this man who enjoyed full protection from Federal prosecution under Joe Biden's watch. Just the facts, folks. I'll make sure the Republicans have all of this. Chalk it up to collateral damage, again. $12,500 or anything close to that could have settled my case..... none of this would have come up. Keep saying that number in your head guys.

24 August 2015

Nasty 911 Call as KingCast, Mortgage Movies and Randy Newman Present: "Rednecks -- In Honor of Delaware AG Matt Denn and Plaintiff's Motion to Recuse Judge Robert B. Young in a Dicey Free Press First Amendment Case."

The 911 Call may be heard in full, in the video.

"I'm down at the end by Silver Lake Park... It sounded like someone was hollering stop stop stop at the park... maybe I hear people, I've turn all my lights on... they were speaking maybe harshly to each other.... It sounded like someone was yelling for help.... There's a car leaving, a white truck leaving...He's laying in my yard he's hollering and laying down he's saying help help... 101 Washington.... Oh my goodness. I don't see any visible injury.... He's said call 911. Apparently he was robbed and they tried to kill him. The white truck left the park. It was a pickup truck. A white truck fairly new. I guess he climbed over the fence I don't know what he's doing... He's all beat up. He needs an ambulance." 

 (Next call from car to dispatch) "This is Davis in Dover can you start an ambulance to 101 Washington Street it's gonna be a reference to an assault victim who apparently was robbed... we have an officer on the scene now....."
I received the 18 August 2015 Letter from AG Denn and reply as follows: 

This is an evasive response and pretty much what I expected. First of all it was not recent, and second, this is a discriminatory viewpoint-based policy (even though the Court has not made them disclose their policy or authority to shutter cameras), and Denn and Reardon completely ignored any reference to the AG Memorandum that specifically warned public bodies the banning cameras is done at substantial risk. 

Stay tuned for a Randy Newman/KingCast short film, “Rednecks.” 

Furthermore, AG Denn and his office ignored all of the other case law I sent them from every other jurisdiction in similar circumstances where Courts ruled access is protected. So unlike Georgia AG Sam Olens who actually got off his ass and sued for a violation for Ms. Tisdale, Denn has feet of clay as I noted on YouTube because he is Gov. Markell’s water boy and Markell was pivotal in stealing Mr. Gunn’s election, simple.

What is interesting, however, is what was not said in the Denn letter: By completely failing to address the 2011 Memo he did not say that Defendants' interpretation of that letter was correct as a matter of public policy. They want to say that public policy and the First Amendment lean against me because the Recorder of Deeds is not a "public body" but then again neither was the police station where the Pomykacz Plaintiff did her photography, yet and still it was protected conduct under the First Amendment. If you were to limit where cameras could run based on whether the venue was a "public body" then you couldn't record government officials in any public venue, think about it.  The Defendants are acting like a bunch of rednecks, and I am offended by that because there's more than a little redneck in me and they are staining the Brand, ahem.

23 August 2015

KingCast Says "Hats Off to Garrett Johnson and Everyone who Participated in the First Annual Riders Show Seattle!"

I may or may not add more pictures here tonight. Right now they are on my FB album and will forward to Triumph for pool use. Pool, as in "drop these sorry-assed pics in the pool!!"

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Quincy Incumbents May Face Lawsuit After Bogus FEMA Build Permit Denials.

Worry much guys?
In an email sent just now, 28 August I wrote:  I see somebody is reading. A lot. And that weapons raid is suspect too. You guys working with Boston PD and Fire on that? Those are bad people doing bad things too. You don't want to associate with them. Since nobody wants to talk I'll just stop in with my cameras next time I am out East. I'm sure there's a logical explanation. Ciao.
You want some more, how about 16 LCR 305; 2008 Mass. LCR LEXIS 71 (2008) -- Quincy ZBA granted Special Use Permit to a family that appears to be in a similar zone and flood plain (see flood map and zoning map). Attorney Richard "Chip" Nylen spanked the neighbors' collective behinds after the ZBA granted the SUP in favor of Roy and Maureen Berggen.

If Mr. Berlo is given the chance to comply with other VALID requirements he will do so. But you have to give him that chance but you have not.... I've told Maureen Berggen all about this.

Why can't James Berlo pull a Build Permit?
He owns his property outright so he does not need FEMA/Flood insurance
But Maragaret Laforest told him he does.....
While telling the rest of Quincy something else.

Quincy Mayor Tom Koch is going to hate me just a little bit for stirring up yet more dirt in his town, but I have more than a working knowledge of zoning laws and corruption in Boston, Revere and Quincy MA. I've been a zoning manager who obtained zoning for wireless carriers in several areas of the country including the Greater Boston Area. In zoning we are always aware of SHPO, THPO and NEPA and FEMA issues. I've pulled countless building permits over the years. 

Now In Boston I also documented false evidence like this magic bullet that allegedly landed there in the Dan Talbot police shooting and I obtained counsel for Joanna Marinova to obtain a $.6M Jury verdict and $900K settlement against the Boston Herald for Defamation. That all started after she was on my radio show five years ago. 

And in Revere I exposed the fact that they put up a new housing complex on contaminated land that was not properly vetted so that the taxpayers never knew about the contamination before it was approved. 
So we now come to Quincy, where I definitely see the potential for a lawsuit with substantial damages being awarded to homeowner James Berlo. I started by reporting on the first Quincy Road rage case that was on my radio show five years ago too, where the general press ignored the fact that there was cocaine in the car with Firefighter Joseph Fasano....which was not charged because it was "recreational cocaine." 

Today in Quincy, Ward one City Councilor Margaret Laforest and her apparently best friend Inspection Services Director Jay Duca both told James Berlo on Quincy letterhead that he needs to obtain flood insurance before he can build on his historic home that he purchased in July 2012. Therefore this remains the critical component that has kept him from obtaining a Build Permit, and he has successfully built out a gutted home located at 2 Monument court in the City of Boston.

The problem is, her April 2014 letter to the general public (at top) says otherwise. It clearly states that you don't need any such insurance as long as you don't have a mortgage. Well, Mr. Berlo owns his home free and clear so what's the hangup? Here's the relevant case law I pulled from LEXIS and it clearly shows that no insurance is needed in this case. I believe the hangup is that he owns a very unique property that they would love to force him out of so they could help their cronies obtain it.  I have it on information and belief that at least one of his neighbors went through this and successfully sued. 

Meanwhile Mr. Berlo continues to get bogus threats on National Grid letter head when National Grid told him they would never issue such a letter. He claims there is no lawful reason for him to move his meter outside and this is just yet another hassle. Who's behind that? Mr. Berldo informs that it was Gary Stone the Supervisor at the Gas Co. that told him “You will be in Violation of the Department of Public Utilities” He telephoned the DPU and they said that’s absolutely not true and they don’t have that kind of Power. 

Then again I have heard that Paul E. McCarthy the Town of Canton's only Inspector has been on the City of Quincy Payroll for over a dozen years making $90,000 a year working two hours a week as a City of Quincy Inspector Time will tell on all of this but something also tells me that once this issue hits the public airwaves and Mr. Berlo obtains counsel, this conduct will cease immediately. The only remaining question will be how to quantify his damages for living with 3 years of this abuse. 

If any of them have a problem with this or think they want to have a go at me for Defamation just shoot me an email and I'll waive service so we can get right to it. But they won't do that because I'll get discovery on them and that will be even worse than the videos that I'm queuing up. 

So that's it for now, but I'll be back. The other question of course, is whether Councilor Laforest will be back in the fall because if she is, I'll be paying her a visit with KingCast Mortgage Movies cameras. And perhaps some of these faces will be greeting Quincy taxpayers instead of the less than ideal personnel to whom we are accustomed.


21 August 2015

KingCast, Fusebox, Seattle Used Bikes Present: Sabe's Corner.

My brother, my brother, keep on being who and what you are.

KingCast and Rosalind Herman Both Know that Prominent Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner is Full of Shit.

Ms. Herman has been victimized by Jeffrey Denner just like Daralyn Khan and Derrick Gillenwater. I'm still friends with both of them BTW. Now I hear that Denner is saying that he ran me out of Boston!  What a crock of shit, I left Boston because it is a piece of shit place to be, especially for blacks or anyone truly progressive. Even most of the so-called progressive journalists in Boston suck. 

I have noticed that my old blog site about him "Jeffrey Denner's Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" is no longer operative as the back pages have been removed; I'll have to ask blogger about that because I know another time one of my entire Kelly Ayotte blogs disappeared.  Certain pages still come up though such as this one with an Unconstitutional Court Order by Judge Sperlock shutting down Plaintiff' Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights, and this one with some transcripts I posted.
Fuck all of those racist East Coast fucks. When I pointed the nose of that Triumph out here to Washington two years ago from Providence, RI (Providence and Nashua are actually pretty cool, Boston sucks), I did it of my own Free Will.  When I was "Boston Bob" I had already slammed Denner on First Amendment violations against Derrick Gillenwater during his legal malpractice case that the ACLU acknowledged, and Denner and Kevin Barron both had to pay Derrick thanks to me so Jeffrey Denner can kiss my black ass and stop talking lies.  I am in my element dude, having fun and living life in a beautiful place and away from your concrete jungles:

Below is is a video about Judge Spencer Kagan who is part of the whole corrupt racket there in Boston. He wanted me to remove it (asked Jay Korff to ask me) and I told him to go to hell too so if Denner thinks I give a shit about him, when I already proved I don't give a shit about an erroneous request from a dirty Judge, then he is sadly mistaken. Anyway the whole Big Dig case was his in name only, because of connections, etc. Not getting into that now but he's a tool and I'll go get on a plane, land in Boston and tell it straight to his goddamn face. Are we clear?

18 August 2015

KingCast, Seattle Used Bikes and the Fuse Box Present: Bardsley's Badass Barbecue August 2015 --

Yah there's video too but damned if I have the time to get to it, 
and Backfire is tomorrow :)