22 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present to Seattle City Council: Please Lead the Way Toward Statewide Registry Audits per John O'Brien and Nancy Becker v. MERSCORP.

The Councilors listened with rapt attention. Video forthcoming.

Attempts by Karen Pooley in 2012 are seeing reality in 2014 as more politicians, judges and homeowners recognize that our Counties have been deprived of millions because of the mortgage and banking industry's illegal and amoral conduct.

21 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Launch a New Facebook Page: Fight Safeguard and Reimer Arnovitz Chernek & Jeffrey for Ethic Violations.

Safeguard continues to break into homes and cover it up. And that's a fact. Watch the videos documenting more of that, along with the Illinois Attorney General's ongoing lawsuit against them. Meanwhile an inside source tells me that Bank of America lawyers at Reimer, Arnovitz steal from the clients, illegally use court refund monies, and abuse employees. They too, work hand-in-hand with Safeguard and they try to avoid hiring real accounting professionals, more on this at a time I deem appropriate.

I further believe that Reimer authorized others in their control to posit fake U.S. Mail Return of Service green cards in order to "prove" service in a wrongful foreclosure case as previously-noted.

Furthermore, I know they were rocked by my phone calls with homeowner Pattie Busby because they sent out a global email to the employees about me, making sure nothing got public. Too bad it got public anyway. 
Lastly, I know for FACT that Reimer Arnovitz, by and through Rachel Kuhn lied to the Columbus Bar Association to please the name partners at Reimer Arnovitz. We have a new FB page: Fight Safeguard and Reimer & Arnovitz Ethics Violations.  Kuhn said the firm could not talk with me, as a reporter, about a homeowner's file regarding falsified U.S. Mail Docs. and tried to get me for unauthorized practice of law, but in fact they already knew the homeowner had waived FDCPA confidentiality. 

The homeowner even called Reimer with me on the phone so they knew damn well they could have spoken with me as a reporter.  Anyway Rachel Kuhn sent a link to a YouTube video she and Reimer were complaining about in her complaint to the Bar Association. Too bad the link clearly shows the homeowner has waived confidentiality concerns! Look at it, above. 

20 September 2014

KingCast Presents: Bubbie and Zeyde's 60th Wedding Anniversary!

A beautiful couple celebrating their 60th Anniversary. 
KingCast cameras catch all the Action!
Below, baby T is obviously caught up in The Moment.

18 September 2014

KingCast Presents: Up Close and Personal with Disney Big Band 2014.

A very funny exchange with a certain member of this year's Disney Band. Very funny. Just.... very... funny. Sorry about the sound quality it was a random camcorder 
but you're not watching this for the sound per se anyway.

KingCast, Sean Westlake and the Seattle Motorcycling Community Present: Backfire #50 Stills and Video!

A tale of extremes....

Here is Backfire 49 and all the other ones I've done since I moved here last year, along with the Seattle Used Bikes/Fuse Box Moto pre-fire parties held on the second Wednesday of each month. Fifty is nifty. Much more coming in the next few days. Norm and Ericka having a rap session.

KingCast Presents: The Kid.

15 September 2014

KingCast Motorsports and Yellow Present: Pancake/Double Nickels on the Dime/I Love You.

Cute, right. I've always loved this song and the original video. Play this Seattle I-5 rendition through to the kaleidoscope cam. Real Cute. Also in homage to D. Boon and the Minutemen, I tried Double Nickels on the Dime but I think it's really 56.

14 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Safeguard Busted in Florida Foreclosure Trespass as Illinois Attorney General Expands Probe.

You all should watch this second video as well. In part, it concerns the Butler-Hosch "buyout" of Regional Trustee Services.... who shit-canned long-time counsel at Robinson-Tait.  In the video I cash a check from RTS.  Anyway RTS is dirty as hell and we know this from area litigation over the years and from the fact that I had to threaten a lawsuit in order to simply get my Depo video cancellation fee out of them after they refused to provide a Deponent for video examination here in Seattle. So what's the connection to Safeguard you ask? Dubya and his cronies at The Five Star Conference (click the sponsor tab) that starts tomorrow! They are all co-sponsors but Safeguard is the biggest. Small wonder that they and their counsel apparently believe they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and to hell with us little folks. It is a foreclosure mill's wet dream. It gives me a headache.

Dear Attorney Erkkila: We meet again, and this time the stakes are higher. I received notice today, one year to the date of Attorney General Lisa Madigan's press release, that your client has again run afoul of the law. Specifically they, along with Keller Williams representatives Greg Beam and/or Pat Kolar, unlawfully entered premises owned by one Nellie Blanco, as you can see by the current Deed and related government - issued tax and property information. In today's taped phone call to me, Greg Beam denied any specific knowledge and said that Pat Kolar was handling this matter. Pat Kolar did not return my taped phone call. 

Now I am going to replay for you part of the video I did last fall, as noted in yesterday's video page dedicated to Seattle Judge Mark Chow. In said video I noted similar issues involving one Pattie Busby in Ohio, right next door to Attorney Madigan and contrary to your email to me today you and/or your client were on Actual Notice of these issues, see the thumbnail please.. I'm going to see to it that a new Facebook page is started and encourage people to seek local licensed counsel and to contact Attorney Madigan with their stories. 

Meanwhile I will be notifying the Cleveland Plain Dealer staff and Huffington Post -- who covered this issue a year ago -- to give them an update, because contrary to promises, Safeguard has not disengaged from activity at the Busby residence and they continued to attempt to harass and intimidate them.

A KingCast/Mortgage Movies Moment with King County Seattle Judge Mark Chow.

Video forthcoming Sunday afternoon. I am compressing it now.
I absolutely love this picture. 
Too bad the focus is just a hair off, but boy what composition.
It actually reminds me of my all time favorite photo from 1990.
Earlier this evening I had the privilege of meeting His Honor and some of his family.  I was a guest of Jane Mair, whose home I had the privilege of saving, along with countless other area advocates and attorneys.  I was her final point of contact when I drove her down to Bank of America so she could finish her loan modification paperwork.  Here is the impromptu phone video from that exchange as well as the seminal Jane Mair Bank of America protest video, seen here.

Now what is funny about that second Jane Mair video is that it involves an Ohio visit with Safeguard, the Cleveland-based National entity that is under suit right now by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, one year to the day. Here's the AG press release. I have some new information about Safeguard and Keller-Williams Realty I am posting in my next journal entry on Sunday evening. It seems that they just can't stop breaking and entering into property to which they hold no legal claim. I have them red-handed in Florida this time. His Honor is aware that we will be bringing him up to speed on legal developments throughout the area and throughout the Country so that he may continue to make informed, progressive judgments from the Bench.

KingCast: Never Afraid to tell a Judge what time it is.

11 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Ask: Will Cyrus Habib Rebuke the Theft of Michelle Darnell's Campaign Lawn Signs in Washington's 48th Senate Race?

"The Candidate is responsible.... It reflects badly on his campaign. 
It smacks of a dirty campaign that they do that."
Bonnie Styne, pictured, claims that several of the lawn signs she purchased to benefit 
Michelle Darnell's 48th District Senate bid have been stolen.
She has reported the matter to the Medina Police Department.
Video and many more stills forthcoming.

13 September 2014 Update:
On reflection I have decided not to run the video of my interview with Ms. Styne at this point in time, unless the sign theft becomes epidemic. My reasoning behind this decision is that I must assume that both candidates would in fact issue stern rebuke to anyone stealing signs because both candidates would rather everyone focus on the full explication of the salient issues at hand.  
That having been said, I must confess to practicing a little clairvoyance and perhaps wishful thinking with respect to Candidate Habib, who has thus far refused to respond in any fashion to the four (4) key questions I posted to both candidates back in July. As such, I honestly don't know that he intends to focus on the key issues. Time will tell. And as time takes on, I will be here telling what I see, as I see fit, when I see fit. There is a thing we have here in America called the First Amendment, and I will use it unrepentantly and without fear of unlawful repercussion. Stay tuned for video about other matters discussed at Wednesday's spaghetti dinner at Vista Lago.