28 August 2014

KingCast Presents: Ladies Day in the Backyard!

So Elisa has been a nanny to a very special child for the past year, however their time together in an official capacity is drawing to a close so I was able to capture a little video and some stills yesterday. In one photo Amelie is playing with the shattered cam chain gear/door stop/paperweight from Triumph #2, LOL.

26 August 2014

Cyrusgate? Did Perkins Coie Advise Cyrus Habib to Ignore Four Troublesome Questions in the 48th Senate Race Against Michelle Darnell?

The Seattle Stranger wrote that Michelle Darnell was in favor of raising taxes on the middle and lower economic strata, and clearly implied that she was a hypocrite. I got into it with them because they wouldn't release a video or audio of the exchange and I know for fact that Ms. Darnell does not want to raise taxes in that fashion. 

Now I have worked as a field scout for three different presidential campaigns going back to the 80s with Jesse Jackson, and in the modern era for Dick Gephart and John Kerry. Along with way I have won several first amendment trials and settlements so I am very particular about political commentary or defamation issues. Just this spring a $.5M Defamation Jury Verdict was entered against the Boston Herald after I helped Joanna Marinova secure her counsel at Todd & Weld 4 years ago. Todd Weld summary.

That having been said not every situation calls for legal action. While I most certainly do view the comments from the Stranger as Defamatory, this isn't the place for a lawsuit, but it is a place for me to ask the questions to both candidates that the Stranger will not openly discuss. I gave both candidates written questions and an opportunity to respond in unedited video but only Candidate Darnell responded. Her full response, unedited, appears above and her written responses are forthcoming today on the journal page. Bur first watch my video visit to Cyrus Habib's office at Perkins Coie -- counsel for the entire democratic party, who advised Candidates Kerry and Obama along the way. Query, did they advise Cyrus Habib to ignore these questions:
Remember the four (4) questions I posed to 48th District Candidates Cyrus Habib and Michelle Darnell a month ago after a completely inaccurate endorsement from the Seattle Stranger stated that Ms. Darnell was in favor of raising taxes on Joe the Plumber?  Well in case you don't recall, they are linked above and replicated in the comments section below for your edification.

Candidate Darnell timely responded with video and written responses that directly contradict the materially false and misleading endorsement for Cyrus Habib, whose $200,000.00 war chest was built largely with out-of-state contributions like any other corporate attorney candidate. There's nothing new here.

Be that as it may, I waited patiently for a response from Attorney Habib for weeks, emailing and calling him at his campaign headquarters and legislative office. Finally, having not received any response I took a video ride to his high-rise digs at Perkins-Coie, the law firm that also serves as counsel for the National Democratic Party.  In the video I wonder if they advised Cyrus Habib to stonewall me...... on the believe that Ms. Darnell is not a viable threat even though she garnered 37% of the vote with 4% of the money.

This is part one. In part two I will air Candidate Darnell's written and video responses. Keep in mind that I afforded Cyrus Habib the exact same opportunity, to run unedited written and video responses but he didn't believe that transparency required him to engage himself.  Let's see how that plays with the voters and on public access TV here in the Sound.

23 August 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Court Slam Stafne Law Offices in Lamelson v. NWTS Without Discovery: "They Have the Original Note and Allonge, Summary Judgment Granted."

Two videos forthcoming. 
Saturday: Post Hearing Discussions
Monday: The entire hearing.
Here is Plaintiff's failed Motion to Strike Summary Judgment. There is a pending Discretionary Review out there on the lack of Discovery afforded Plaintiff, meanwhile NWTS will have to Counterclaim for Foreclosure or Possession because it is certainly a Compulsory Counterclaim to Plaintiff's DTA Action.  The full video of the hearing is coming by the top of the week, but for now just watch the tail end of the proceedings as I discuss matters with Attorneys Gromley and Stafne, and interview Attorney Stafne outside.  He believes that expert witness Nye Lavelle's declarations of probable falsity in this specific case were grounds to allow Discovery to see if those documents were fabrications, as so many of them are these days.  He also claims -- with some force -- that other Courts have recently found that the entire MERS model renders them without power to transfer anything.  I watched some of these other cases as noted in recent journal entries, and I must concur.

I also have grave concerns about MERS being in the purported Chain of Title, Assigning more than it legally could have. Take a look at the thumbnail.

Be that as it may, while you can't hear much of it because of competing conversations, my discussion with Attorney Gromley largely concerns Fn3 from Knecht v. Fidelity and whose burden it is to prove up the Chain of Title.

22 August 2014

KingCast Presents: A Day at the Dog Park Stunning Shots!

Yes I was on my Game last night, at dusk with the Zeiss 45mm 2.8 pancake. 
Easy subject matter, however.

21 August 2014

Sean Westlake and KingCast Motorsports Present: Ballard Backfire #49 -- More Interviews with It's a Fine Line TV.

It's a Fine Line TV (FB) showed up yesterday to expound on its mission of attaining zero motorcycle deaths by 2030. As such, they are sharing videos and stories about responsible motorcycle events, clubs, gear, safety and training. I rolled up at 5:30p just as they were interviewing Sean, who also runs Fuse Box Moto, perhaps the best "biker" bar in the Country. Later they interviewed me and I interviewed one of Sean's old neighbors from Greenlake who was there when Backfire started.... Back in the Day.

I ran my camera during my interview as well, so look for some fun edits. They asked me about the bar-hopping and riding and I said "The partying is incidental to the bikes and the camaraderie." 

Anyway, these guys are rolling with great gear.... Not something like my Canon 60D and a Rode SVM Pro Mic but like a Cinematic Cannon EOS C range rig.... those start at $5K.  I'll need to up my game this fall with the Sony FDR AX100.  I'm licking my chops right now. One more good payday and it's in the bag. Stay tuned for a few stills but more vids. And for the folks at It's a Fine Line (between the best ride ever, and the last ride, ever), I present my Backfire/Seattle Used Bikes/Fuse Box Moto vids.

Backfire #41 Stills and Video.
Backfire #43 Stills and Video.
Backfire #46 Stills video slide.
Backfire #48 The Interview Sessions.
Backfire #49 The Interview Sessions. (In Production)
Seattle Used Bikes/Fuse Box Moto Party #1.
Seattle Used Bikes/Fuse Box Moto Party #2.
Seattle Used Bikes/Fuse Box Moto Party #3.

From Backfire #46.....

KingCast Throwback Thursday in Two Parts:

If you've been dating less than 3 years, one year is a throwback!
1967 - 1987.... spot the difference.
And no, growing up prejudiced was not an option.

20 August 2014

KingCast Says Livi the Wonderdog is in her Element!

More to follow. Some of them are even almost in focus. 
It is frustrating with bifocals.... err... blended prescriptions.