29 September 2014

KingCast Riding Jason Wallace Bultaco 350 After 24 Years Without Riding Dirt.

Aurora Icons: KingCast Motorsports Celebrates the Big Sixty with Moto International's Dave Richardson, and Retirement with Aurora Suzuki's Randy McAllister.

Hahahaaaa..... off like a herd of turtles.
Winner, most drooled-over category.

Thanks for helping us stay young at heart guys! I've always been reel big on documenting what we do and who we are in the motorcycling community. See "cogito ergo zoom" T-shirt in Boston MA 2012 at 4:24. We're just little people carving out some fun for ourselves in a chaotic and all too often abusive World. And these two gentlemen and their associates have brought a LOT of fun to a LOT of people over the years. And that's what this is all about. Irrespective of whatever differences we have individually or collectively as bikers, we are all.... bikers. 'Nuff sed.

Videos and more stills are forthcoming but I'm kind of busy: There's Backfire #50, Twinline Dyno Sessions, a short interview with Randy and the video and stills from yesterday's birthday party... including a short and slow helmet cam romp in the woods (mostly) atop J.W.'s '75 Bultaco 350. I sold a lot of dirt bikes in the the 2000's but haven't owned one or been off-road since the late '80s' and you better believe me, it shows :)
"Buck Harness" negotiating the purchase of Aurora Suzuki signage.

27 September 2014

KingCast Presents: Stills and Video from Twinline Dyno Jam Seattle 2014!

Obviously much more to follow. If you want video or stills of your bike just let me know, it's cheap $5-10 depending on what I've got.

25 September 2014

KingCast Motorsports Welcomes The Pizza Lab to Seattle Used Bikes and the Fusebox!

Yes folks, more great times at Seattle Used Bikes and the Fusebox. 
These guys make great pie with a certain sweetness to it that is missing in most offerings these days!

22 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present to Seattle City Council: Please Lead the Way Toward Statewide Registry Audits per John O'Brien and Nancy Becker v. MERSCORP.

The Councilors listened with rapt attention. Video forthcoming.

Attempts by Karen Pooley in 2012 are seeing reality in 2014 as more politicians, judges and homeowners recognize that our Counties have been deprived of millions because of the mortgage and banking industry's illegal and amoral conduct.

21 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Launch a New Facebook Page: Fight Safeguard and Reimer Arnovitz Chernek & Jeffrey for Ethics Violations.

KingCast Mortgage Movies Ohio Sunshine Law Request ORC 149.43 Reimer Files - Summit County Clerk of Courts

And this just in: Reimer arguably discriminates against elder and experienced professionals. They screwed Anne Kazuka, a then 59 year-old Leukemia patent, right on out of her job. They also shit-canned two other older employees at the time. Word has it that they continue to do so, in the sense that As a former employment attorney I find this conduct morally aberrant, repugnant even. Case history showing settlement. Link to Plaintiff's Complaint.
13. Defendants, individually and collectively, maintained a practice of discriminatory disparate treatment of older workers, in that in the past two years, two employees were either terminated and/or subjected to adverse employment actions, i.e. Janine Veits, age 60, who was demoted and replaced by an individual not in an age-protected class; and Barbara Rhinehart, age 67, who was terminated.
KingCast note: I have reason to believe this practice still continues, but with employees who are all under the age of 40. They don't have skilled accountants or paralegals anymore, just people with no real education so Reimer can blame everything on them. These people are pure scum and I'm obviously not afraid to say it. As I say, if they want to fuck with me I'll take them on a hell ride they will never forget.

Goddamn False Affidavit, standard Reimer modus operandi

You know there is no honor among thieves: Would aspiring figure skater Rachel M. Kuhn (pictured in the thumbnail below) have appreciated such skullduggery 
in her own foreclosure (Judgment) back when she was skating on thin financial ice? 


Oh my God... Dennis Reimer has been a goddamned liar since 1977 --when I was 12 years old -- on the subject of Service against a homeowner who spanked his ass at trial. So is it far-fetched to believe Reimer Arnovitz fabricated those U.S. Mail green cards in the Busby matter? It is a pattern and practice but wealthy establishment attorneys always get away with it. Don't get mad at me I'm just exposing it:

Sims v. Bloomfield Sav. Bank, 1977 Ohio App. LEXIS 8777 (9th App Summit County 1977)

"The evidence relating to the affidavit to secure service on Mrs. Sims was so patently false that the trial court should have so instructed the jury."

Counsel for Bloomfield [*16]  argued at length as to the nature of his agency and the failure of Mrs. Sims to establish proof of this agency. Mr. Reimer said, under oath, that he was instructed to file the foreclosure action against Mrs. Sims and the Strattons. All of the questions directed to Mr. Reimer bear on the question of the foreclosure. It was Mr. Reimer who swore under oath that he used reasonable diligence to discover the address of Mrs. Sims. It was Mr. Reimer who swore under oath that he did "absolutely nothing" to discover the address of Mrs. Sims. It is Mr. Reimer who now says in his brief at page 44:

"The only evidence presented at the time of trial as to what the Appellant did or did not do with regard to finding the Appellee was the testimony of the attorney that he could not remember what he did or did not do to find out her whereabouts. ....

Just what should this court believe? At all times the address of Mrs. Sims could have been easily discovered not by reasonable diligence but by any diligence. Bloomfield had information in its files which showed where Mrs. Sims had worked for one employer for many years. She still worked at the same place at the time the action [*17]  was filed. We find no error prejudicial to the substantial rights of the appellant as to assignment of error eight.


They can block me from emailing all they want to... because I know they are still reading, I have a tracker what a bunch of pompous dumb asses. LMAO right.

BTW I am told that one of their building owners is suing them too.
Haven't verified that yet. I called Chelm yesterday.

Stop the presses: Just off the Lexis updates....  same exact issues Pattie Busby is alleging against Reimer but the goddamn State Court won't address it. Can you say "Judicial Notice." 

Citing Refs. With Analysis Available. Click to Shepardize®Kline v. Mortg. Elec. Sec. Sys., 2014 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 124406 


The Amended Complaint alleges that Kline entered into a $160,000 loan transaction with WMC Mortgage Corporation ("WMC") in June of 2004. Doc. #157 ¶ 25. After Kline fell behind on the payments and defaulted on the loan, Reimer commenced foreclosure proceedings against him in August, 2005, on behalf of WMC and the loan servicer, HomEq Servicing Corporation ("HomEq"). Id. ¶¶ 26-29. The mortgage was later reinstated and the foreclosure case against Kline was dismissed. Id. ¶ 30.

By December of 2006, Kline had again fallen behind on the loan payments, and HomEq notified him that he faced further foreclosure proceedings if he failed to bring the loan current. Id. ¶ 31. Another foreclosure action was filed against Kline on March 16, 2007, again with Reimer as counsel, but this time with "Wells Fargo  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking SearchesBank, [*7]  N.A., as Trustee" ("Wells Fargo Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searches") named as the plaintiff. Id. ¶¶ 32-33.

Kline alleges that although the foreclosure complaint stated that Wells Fargo  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searcheswas the owner and holder of the promissory note and the mortgage, the mortgage was not assigned to Wells Fargo  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searchesuntil March 26, 2007, ten days after the filing of the foreclosure action. Id. ¶¶ 34, 37. He also alleges that both Wells Fargo  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searchesand Reimer knew that the papers filed in the foreclosure action falsely represented Wells Fargo  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking Searchesas the owner of the note and the creditor to whom Kline owed the debt. Id. ¶¶ 34-36. Kline also alleges that an employee of HomEq falsely represented himself as a Vice-President of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. ("MERS") in order to effect the assignment to Wells Fargo.  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking SearchesId. ¶¶ 39-44. During these foreclosure proceedings, Kline sold his home and paid off the loans secured by it. Id. ¶ 43.

Kline alleges that Reimer charged him a number of fees and expenses to pay off the delinquent loan held by Wells Fargo.  Click for Enhanced Coverage Linking SearchesId. ¶¶ 45-61. These fees included $450.00 for "Process Service," $75 for each of the parties served, $100 to serve MERS, a $50 "handling" fee, $803 for a "Preliminary Judicial Report" (of which [*8]  $335 went towards an "Exam Fee"), $150 for a "Final Judicial Report" (of which $50 went towards an "Exam Fee"), and late fees charged after the acceleration of the loan. Id ¶¶ 45-67. According to Kline, Reimer's actions make it liable under the FDCPA, the OCSPA, and a claim for unjust enrichment under state law.

B. Unjust Enrichment Claim

Reimer got out of various other claims on a technicality but not this one:

Nevertheless, as Kline points out, the factual allegations in Paragraphs 54-59 of the Amended Complaint can be read to support a claim for unjust enrichment. Those allegations state that Reimer "improperly passed the costs of a so-called 'Preliminary Judicial Report' to Kline" by having it conducted by Nova Title Agency, Inc., which was "effectively the same entity" as Reimer. [KingCast Note: See below, I said the same thing yesterday]. 

They also state that Kline "was charged" various amounts for a "Preliminary Judicial Report," and a "Final Judicial Report," along with "Exam Fees." It can be inferred that Reimer received a benefit from Kline by having "improperly passed the costs" of these allegedly unnecessary reports to him. The applicable standard of review requires that the Court draw any inferences from the facts of the Amended Complaint in Kline's favor. Wallin v. Norman, 317 F.3d 558, 561 (6th Cir. 2003).

Apart from the inferential case to be made from the language of the Amended Complaint, the record before the Court contains evidence that Reimer sought and obtained a monetary benefit from Kline that corresponds to the allegations in the Amended Complaint. First, a November 15, 2007, letter on Reimer's letterhead [*19]  that is addressed to Kline's attorney demands a payoff amount of $176,332.28, which "includes an estimate of court costs." Doc. #274-10 at 2. Kline alleges that he paid this amount on November 18, 2007. Doc. #157 ¶ 66. Second, a February 7, 2008, letter on Reimer's letterhead that is addressed to Kline's attorney contains an itemized list, under the heading "court costs," that corresponds in name and amount to the fees described in the Amended Complaint. Doc. #274-11 at 1. The letter states that the "court costs were actual deposits made by our office." Id. Nova Title, Inc., is mentioned nowhere in either letter sent from Reimer to Kline's attorney. Thus, whatever role Nova Title, Inc., played in the allegedly illegal fees and costs appears to predate the receipt of the benefit that forms the basis for Kline's claim of unjust enrichment.1


Hmmm.... Nova Title Agency, same entity.... what did I just tell you yesterday? See below. And I've got more. Much more. I'll be in touch now with Kline's Attorney. That is my First Amendment Right goddammit and don't you ever forget it. I'll fight you until Hell freezes over and then I'll ice skate right on over you. Rachel Kuhn was brought in as a newbie, to try to run over Pattie Busby and me, and now she and Reimer are regretting every minute of it, and rightfully so. I will take them down.

They want to fuck with me I'll tell them just as "Employment Lawyer of the Year 2010" 
Brad Seigel told me on a Civil Rights case that finally settled:
"I'll rip your heart out and feed it to you."
These high-powered attorneys are often scummy but feel that they can say and do anything because the Ohio Bar and Columbus Bar Association won't do anything to them. In fact, they often get negative reinforcement for their actions. Now Brad's Partner John Stephen, great guy never a problem with him, always professional.

I'll tell it as it is, and let the chips fall where they may because like I say, at just about 
50 years of age I realize that I just don't have to give a shit anymore.

New info from another insider: 

i did find that yesterday, but how did u find me? or know we might have common interests? Cause we do, u are correct about them, i believe they deserve this karma...... i am most curious how u found out about their billing issues?? those are correct too, they have a lot of money that does not belong to them and u can find it in their trust account, they were constantly co-mingling of funds.

Reimer uses Nova Title Company... (see above Court Decision denying Judgment on the Pleadings, LOL). Owning that meant if a client questioned the double billing, the accountant (Lorri Cox) would email downstairs to Nova to quickly 'zero it out" That was the solution to so much. Zero it out. If the client didn’t ask about it, it slid by. Only fix if they ask. “If we owe, zero it out so the file is at zero. If they owe us, take it from the court cost refund.” They said the files were so old the client wont even notice. But we double billed for a publication!!! We owe then $150!! Nope zero it out. *******

Safeguard continues to break into homes and cover it up. And that's a fact. Watch the videos documenting more of that, along with the Illinois Attorney General's ongoing lawsuit against them. Meanwhile an inside source tells me that Bank of America lawyers at Reimer, Arnovitz steal from the clients, illegally use court refund monies, and abuse employees. They too, work hand-in-hand with Safeguard and they try to avoid hiring real accounting professionals, more on this at a time I deem appropriate.

I further believe that Reimer authorized others in their control to posit fake U.S. Mail Return of Service green cards in order to "prove" service in a wrongful foreclosure case as previously-noted.

Furthermore, I know they were rocked by my phone calls with homeowner Pattie Busby because they sent out a global email to the employees about me, making sure nothing got public. Too bad it got public anyway. 
Lastly, I know for FACT that Reimer Arnovitz, by and through Rachel Kuhn lied to the Columbus Bar Association to please the name partners at Reimer Arnovitz. We have a new FB page: Fight Safeguard and Reimer & Arnovitz Ethics Violations.  Kuhn said the firm could not talk with me, as a reporter, about a homeowner's file regarding falsified U.S. Mail Docs. and tried to get me for unauthorized practice of law, but in fact they already knew the homeowner had waived FDCPA confidentiality. 

The homeowner even called Reimer with me on the phone so they knew damn well they could have spoken with me as a reporter.  Anyway Rachel Kuhn sent a link to a YouTube video she and Reimer were complaining about in her complaint to the Bar Association. Too bad the link clearly shows the homeowner has waived confidentiality concerns! Look at it, above. 
  PS: I forgot 2-3 years ago name partner Henry Fein lied about his very identity when facing KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras. Watch it right here!