26 August 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Update on Yet Another Wells Fargo Multiple Allonge Fraudulent Foreclosure in Snohomish County No. 16-2-02643-3.

26 August Update :  It looks like K & L Gates is possible Special Counsel. Take a look:

Oh, brother. Remember last year when I told you about the file that had the two Allonges in it, one direct from Deep Green to Wachovia/Wells Fargo and one endorsed in blank?  And how when I asked WF which one was attached to the Note, they told me it was the one in blank....  which was bullshit because they are only saying that so that they can play the bearer paper game, right:  Holder of the Note has the Right to Foreclose.

You see, when I asked for the Original Note it was MIA but they had some guy who actually worked at Kay Jewelers or Zales -- one of the two I forget -- sign a Lost Note Affidavit even though he couldn't have any Actual or Constructive Knowledge of what the hell he was talking about because he was busy slinging lowbrow jewelry to the masses when the family allegedly signed the Note. Insane, right?  But welcome to the Wacky World of Wells Fargo. Honorable U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain cracked Wells Fargo's head open over similar fabrications not long ago so one would think they would learn, right? Apparently not, so they want to pass this Rule 11 hot mess on to the next Counsel, so I can go badger them when it comes time for a public Court hearing right.

Well anyway since that time we've seen Marie McDonnell review the purported Allonges and she agreed and went on to say that they're not even recordable documents.

Meanwhile in the related Foreclosure Case Snohomish County No. 16-2-02643-3, Wells Fargo even committed a Rule 11 violation in my opinion by arguing that they were in First Position. This is an argument heretofore never advanced and believe me I have been deep into it with their Routh, Crabtree & Olsen ("RCO") attorneys for more than a year as a housing advocate before referring it out to Learned Counsel Scott Stafne.   So Ms. McDonnell and Attorney Stafne worked together and Counterclaimed a Fair Debt Collection Practices ("FDCPA") Action, which apparently predicated RCO or the client (WF) to punt for new, Special Counsel, identity not disclosed. And when I say not disclosed, I mean not disclosed for a couple of weeks now to my understanding.

The family's renewed offer of Settlement remains stagnant and on the table, I guess. Guessing is all one can do at this point because none of this makes any sense. Read the recent emails below with RCO Attorneys Synova M.L. Edwards and Janaya L. Carter at the helm:

16 August 2016

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: One Lap at Grace Cole Park with Bonobo, Bob Marley and Livi the Wonderdog!

From Bonobo to all my people... remember.... you are.... important.... to a lot of people.....

12 August 2016

KingCast Presents: Throwback Thursday Circa 1994 at the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

‪#‎throwbackthursday‬ Holy cow I found an online picture of me as an Assistant Attorney General, practicing oral argument in 1994. James Barnes, Chief, Cheryl Nester Assistant Section Chief (they have since changed Sections) and some Attorney named Chip and some attorney named Steve. Wow. Thats 22 years ago. Seems like yesterday.  

Little did I know what my career would look like in 2017 but I have a clear focus now, y'all stay tuned because loose lips sink ships. All of that was too small an ocean for a man of my Vision, Drive and Determination.

10 August 2016

KingCast Says Happy Birthday Kevin Michael Holmqvist!

So for those of you who don't know.... Kevin is The Man:  He summed up my Civil Rights, Social and Consumer activism thusly:

He fucks with people who fuck with The People.

Love it.

09 August 2016

KingCast Presents: Backfire Motorcycle Night #64 Stills and Ride-Through.

Miss Sarah, telling' it!
This one's definitely for you, kid.
The video is coming by tomorrow morning!

A full set of stills may be seen at my FB page album.

KingCast and an Entire Shoreline Community Celebrate the Life of Ahmie Bin Njie at Ahmie Palooza 2016!

Ahmie Palooza is a beautiful event for a beautiful young lady who left us way too early. Shoreline is no stranger to these types of medical tragedies (Keep Calm and Sophie On, 2015) but the way that the Community comes together to support the legacy and to seek advanced medical research is very special indeed.

I am proud to live here.

Stay tuned for video and a full set of stills by Wednesday morning or Thursday evening. Meanwhile we have still shots of Ahmie, the inimitable Nan Skinner and one cute child with Mom!

Our family lost a sister I never met. I have the only known picture of her in my room, Michelle left us as a pre-toddler in 1958, about 7 years before I was born. We think it was a combination of TB and/or meningitis but of course back then things weren't quite so clear. 

Shoreline Area News.
Ahmie Bin Njie website.
Ahmie Palooza FB page.

08 August 2016

KingCast, Mortgage Movies, Wally Brown and Chris Nubbe to Sue Pierce County Superior Judge Stanley J. Rumbaugh for Violating GR 16, and First Amendment/Free Press in Fannie Mae v. Brenda Duzan Foreclosure Case.

Pierce County Superior Judge Stanley J. Rumbaugh for Violating GR 16, and First Amendment/Free Press in Fan...

This is a complete abuse of authority.
The Court violated Washington Article 1 §5, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Rule GR 16 that compels concrete findings by the Court prior to any denial.

RULE GR 16 -- COURTROOM PHOTOGRAPHY AND RECORDING BY THE NEWS MEDIA (a) Video and audio recording and still photography by the news media are allowed in the courtroom during and between sessions, provided 

(1) that permission shall have first been expressly granted by the judge; and 

(2) that media personnel not, by their appearance or conduct, distract participants in the proceedings or otherwise adversely affect the dignity and fairness of the proceedings. 

(b) The judge shall exercise reasonable discretion in prescribing conditions and limitations with which media personnel shall comply. 

(c) If the judge finds that sufficient reasons exist to warrant limitations on courtroom photography or recording, the judge shall make particularized findings on the records at the time of announcing the limitations. This may be done either orally or in a written order. In determining what, if any, limitations should be imposed, the judge shall be guided by the following principles: 

(1) Open access is presumed; limitations on access must be supported by reasons found by the judge to be sufficiently compelling to outweigh that presumption; 

(2) Prior to imposing any limitations on courtroom photography or recording, the judge shall, upon request, hear from any party and from any other person or entity deemed appropriate by the judge; and 

(3) Any reasons found sufficient to support limitations on courtroom photography or recording shall relate to the specific circumstances of the case before the court rather than reflecting merely generalized views.

KingCast Presents Separated at Birth: Livi the Wonderdog and Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood.

#‎Livithewonderdog‬ ‪#‎derp‬ ‪#‎KingCast‬ Livi is my favorite derp! Also a little ‪#‎ClintEastwood‬ going on in this one as well. Clearly, I have issues that may require some professional treatment.... or a dinner with Gary Larson. http://www.thefarside.com/

So.... You feel lucky punk? Well do yah???