17 December 2017

KingCast Motorsports Visits The Shop for Triumph Back in Black U.S. America Tour!

I've owned four Triumphs and probably more, so, yah. 
Great venue, great food, great folks, great time!

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The Shop Country Club

Geekwire/The Shop Interview
iamonlocation Geekwire 2017 Gala sizzle reel 

14 December 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Verizon is the Anti-Christ in Net Neutrality Wars.

ComCast folks not happy to see KingCast or iamonlocation.....

Direct Link to Inslee/Ferguson Press Conference
"Washington State will proactively protect Net Neutrality and we will use every tool in our toolbox to do so." Governor Jay Inslee. See HB 2282.  This would mean no blocking, throttling or price preferences..... sounds fair, right?  But noooooo........
Bob Ferguson and other Washington law makers face an uphill battle in trying to enact consumer protection laws to preserve net neutrality as TMobile and Verizon/Comcast push the FCC to clarify Federal Pre-emption. Ladies and Gentlemen... the FCC is about to kill net neutrality and we're screwed. Verizon is going to see to it that there be no Balkanization of State Laws to protect consumers as proposed by State AG's like this missive from Washington State's Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee. There is also  Washpost coverage. 

As I noted on my FB page, now the big MNC's and corporate interests will initiate their hegemonic roll over of the Internet. And the implications are HUGE for people like me and other little bloggers who are indeed the equivalent of the original pamphleteers in a Constitutional sense. The Internet is a Common Carrier folks, come now. And you need a compelling governmental interest to mess with it. It is a Free Speech issue, 24/7.

Not to mention other financial implications in billing. Big Business is putting lipstick on this pig. I've made Verizon a lot of money on its wireless towers over the years and I know how they operate. Remember the NSA love fest a decade ago? It's still around. Trust me on this.

13 December 2017

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Year-End Recap on Attorneys Roy Moore & Mark Rattan and Kitty Catfe & Kristina Amlak: Fuck You and the Horses You Rode in On.

Thanks to NPR correspondent Tamara Keith for the National information. Because the Devil is in the Details.

Attorney Roy Moore and his ardent backer #45 are so far off base that even Alabama last night elected Doug Jones -- its first Democrat to Senate in 25 years. That's almost half my lifetime. Think about that. As to the horse, I actually love the fact that he rode a horse to vote. When I visited my family in Tennessee as a child we all rode horses around town. I remember learning how to ride them as a child and hitching them up, all of that. I just love horses and motorcycles. But yah, Roy Moore fuck you and the horse you rode in on, as well as 45 who has decidedly sexist and arguably racist tendencies. And yes Roy, actually your form sucks. No stirrups and you're about to choke your steed, for starters, ugh.

By the way, Roy Moore's ardent supporter 45 is next. He is an abuser of women and arguably racist.

Devil's Detail:
Reporter Keith points out it is particularly troubling that of all five Senators who initially demanded 45's resignation she is the only one he went after on twitter. And yes, she is the only woman.  

What I also want to know is when will a major press person ask 45 whether he has dropped a nigger bomb since 1995 as Slate and Apprentice Producer Bill Pruitt allege. If no one else does I'll ask him if he ever winds up in Seattle. Yes. I. Will. I will be right in the front of the gallery and put it right to him. Inquiring minds want to know, because if true........  Anyway some wealthy people need to pay the reported $5M "leak fee" and get this out in the open.


Next up is Mark Rattan, another abusive white male of privilege.  He actually physically attacked my camera and me while I was lawfully assembled as a reporter to cover the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Responsibility (OLR) lynching of Wendy Alison Nora. Attorney Nora is a white female foreclosure and Civil Rights lawyer and my background includes management of a title company and Civil Rights Jury Trial victories as an attorney so Rattan and his buddies definitely had to get me out of that hearing. Keep in mind it is basically a per se ethical violation to violently disrupt a court hearing without just cause, right. And keep in mind as you watch the video that the Hearing Officer had already ruled that I was within my Rights to run a still action camera and to take stills from a moving DSLR.

Devil's Detail:
The problem is, his so-called Superlawyer pal Terry E. Johnson failed to sign any of the responsive filings. In Wisconsin the law says (WI Stat §802.05) documents must be stricken from the Record. Johnson sits on the OLR Review Panel. So it therefore becomes obvious that this man of privilege was brought on board to curry untoward influence on the OLR...... which..... has no idea what to do in the face of being caught protecting these scummy lawyers. "Sleazy" is the word that was used in one of the filings to describe me. So yah guys, fuck you and the horses you rode in on.

And last but not least, we arrive at Kristina Robinson. She goes by Kristina Amlak in the past year and she runs a retail rescue by the name of Kitty Catfe. She no longer runs a dog boarding "service" called Precious Paws because she left our dogs alone at her home for 45 minutes, unattended by human pack leader.  Well what's wrong with that you ask?

Potentially nothing. If it were just our two dogs. But in this case our dogs were not part of a larger pack including her 4 Pit Bulls, a family cat and 2 other dogs who were frequent visitors. Her dog Nova summarily killed Livi the Wonderdog, them both being proud bitches that they are.

What exactly was Kristina thinking you ask?  Wouldn't we like to know. We will soon find out in Discovery after Adam P. Karp files suit next week, just shy of the one-year Anniversary of Livi's murder on 29 December, 2016. One year ago on 8 December I took my last ride with my Best Friend.

Devil's Detail:
Last spring we discovered that she wrote her other clients that "I made a choice I've made before but this time it resulted not in injury but in death."  So in other words she left dogs alone before with injury, and thought she should just go for broke now.

And in the past month I have discovered that someone told Kristina to stop bringing Nova to their home after Nova twice attacked their dogs and cornered a human being. Nova also growled at a human being the night she murdered Livi and Kristina said "that's normal."
And come to find out that my perceptions were correct:  She was fired from Fetch! This from a person who currently owns her own franchise and who has firsthand knowledge of that fact.

Devils' Detail:
The City of Edmonds reduced her illegal pet fine after her dog Nova murdered Livi from $13K to $1K on "Good Faith." Where is the Good Faith? She ran an illegal kennel from 2014-2016.

Devil's Detail:
She tried and failed to get two restraining orders on me for telling the Truth about her. Along the way a racist Judge named Jeffrey D. Goodwin tried to help her though, by fining me $300 for being late to Court one day but refusing to grant me any consideration when both she AND her husband Ahadu failed to appear in Court. I filed an Ethics Complaint on him and will be appealing him to subsequent tribunals in Washington State. He already has an Ethics strike on him for his misconduct. 9 Dec. 2014 story is here.

See the comments for more information.

08 December 2017

KingCast Was Chasing Livi, One Year Ago Today.

This will be my last post before Adam P. Karp files suit next week. He will be linking the fundraising page and providing posts as things are filed. Believe me I am thrilled to turn over all of our research to him and let him have at it. It will be interesting because I am at liberty to say that part of the argument here is that Kristina's post-death conduct provides an actual claim for emotional damages.  

So anyway this was my last ride with my best friend, before a a goddamn liar named Kristina Robinson (now Kristina Amlak) killed her by leaving her alone with a house full of her own pack of pit bulls, two other pack dogs of customers, and a house cat. 

She did this knowing that her dog Nova had violent tendencies.

She did this knowing that she had left dogs alone on prior occasion, with injury. This according to her own email to her OTHER clients.

She lied and said we were not paying clients.

She then killed her own dog Bullet (their least favorite) for no articulable reason, then went around saying "we lost a family member too."  She could have re-homed Bullet, and he could not have been a pack leader, ipso facto he's the youngest.  Kristina Alma is indeed a fucking DOG KILLER. 

She then used her buddies at Mountlake Terrace City Hall to completely devalue my family by giving her a slap on the wrist for a $1,000.00 fine even though they gave her a goddamn Cease and Desist 3 years earlier for nonconforming use. They gave her a reduction in fine from $13K down to $1K for "Good Faith." Where is the Good Faith? She willingly violated the fucking law and killed our dog through gross recklessness.

She then twice tried (and failed) to obtain TRO's to prevent me from talking about what she did.  She relied on a racist architecture and a bigoted Judge Jeffrey D. Goodwin, who slapped me with a $300 fine for her lost wages when I was late to Court. That goddamn son of a bitch then refused to grant me one thin dime when her stupid ass and her husband's stupid ass failed to appear in Court. That is all going to be appealed in Snohomish County Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Washington so I can show what a jackass he is.  In the link above, Judge Fair listened to my arguments in a Mandamus Hearing and said "I cannot say what was going through his mind."  

Yah, no shit Sherlock.  I'll help you out:

"That nigger's got too much knowledge and swagger, I have got to tell him who's boss."

No. I will show YOU who the boss is you goddamn cracker. Win or lose, I get to have a neat single transcript to show the World what an unprincipled Jurist you are, and let's see what the Judicial Ethics Committee does with you.  You're familiar with them, right. You know, when they reprimanded you for discourteous conduct a couple of years ago right.

Judge Fair and I spoke for a bit after my Mandamus Hearing the other day. He seems a reasonable man.  He also genuinely seemed at a loss to understand WTF his Brother was doing on that bench in this case.

I know what I'm thinking:  I miss our baby.

I also know what Livi's mom is thinking:  I miss our baby.

05 December 2017

KingCast Sees Racist Snohomish Judge Jeffrey D Goodwin Protect Dog Killer Kristina Amlak.

Merry Christmas Your Honor. You've been very naughty protecting that dumbassed white girl Kristina Alma, the killer of Livi the Wonderdog.

More at Watchdogfordog FB.

03 December 2017

KingCast Presents: Supermoon!

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Breakfast with Peppers!

Just Daddy and his littlest girl today! The question remains, whose plate is whose and why is that gargoyle imitating Pepper?

01 December 2017

KingCast and Mortgage Movies on Rape and Abuse Culture: The Fish Rots From the Head.

Photo preserved by Betty J. King. Thanks mom!

I have fought systemic patriarchal abuse for decades.
A short history lesson with Matt Lauer, Andy Lack, William R. Hensley, Hamilton Ohio Police, Mark W. Rattan and Terry E. Johnson.

Soooo..... A detractor with an agenda showed up on my FB yesterday and talked a lot of smack. Come to find out it is a friend of Kristina Robinson/Kristina Amlak, the goddamn lying-assed dumb fucking asshole who killed my dog last year on 29 December 2016 by leaving Livi the Wonderdog and her little brother Fangy completely alone in her house with her pack of pit bulls and a loose family cat. Whereupon Nova, one of her favorite dogs, promptly murdered Livi. 

Look here asshole:  I hereby make the record clear: 

First, we have secured funding to sue your ass this month.

Second, I have been fighting rape and abuse culture for DECADES. 

Keeping it classy.

We sued a dirty cop right after I left the AG's Office in 1995 because we knew him to be abusive. He choked my client on a bogus traffic stop for DUI when the guy doesn't drink or drug, fact. Driving While Black. See the short video from the Jury view practice below. I may have trial footage from the trumped up traffic case that we won as well. 

The Ohio Court of Claims determined he was a Crime Victim at the hands of these cops.

Anyway, I remember conversations about this cop,William R. Hensley with my client and we surmised that he prolly abused women too, and of course we were correct as it turns out. Enquirer 2003.

But much like #MattLauer or other high-powered men of privilege however earned or granted, the powers that be covered it up. They even made him a Detective in 1999, one year after they paid us $57,500 for the abuse! That was a decent chunk of change for a client who did not sustain any visible injury, mind you. 

We are supposed to place our trust in the POLICE right, by power of example and if the POLICE can't or won't get it right how or why should we expect Hollywood to get it right, no way. When do we run the people of out office who continue to allow it, that is a question of paramount importance. Because until that happens, any steps forward will be truly incremental -- even glacial -- in nature. #AndyLack 

And it is true in the ongoing bar complaint against #MarkRattan of #LitchfieldCavo, the abusive lawyer who assaulted me last spring. They are doing his lawyer and him solid with all kinds of favors even though his lawyer officially does not represent him because he NEVER ACTUALLY SIGNED THE PLEADINGS as required by law.

As to detractors, go right ahead, I don't care because I know the Truth: 

The fish rots from the head. 

Rape & abuse culture continues because powers that be allow it in general. We sued Hamilton cop Hensley way back in 1996 and Ohio Court of Claims paid out for making Michael Isreal a victim of violent crime. In 2003 you covered his ongoing antics

Bonus Round: Norman Bruce McKay, Ms. B's Affidavit and the "Penis-Shaped Knife."

Prepping for a Jury View in the bogus traffic case brought by 
Officers Rhodes and Hensley against Michael Isreal in 1997.

Wait a minute now... it get's "better." I forgot at the end of that tape (watch below) I expose a cop named McFadden for lying. It was not the first time he lied though, as proved in Ohio Court of Appeals Franklin County 73-AP-292: He lied about witnessing his partner getting his brains blown out and Allan E. Thrower faced time on Death Row because of it. Investigator Martin Yant's book references this. I also knew Martin from my days as law clerk to Cleveland's Terry Gilbert. Yah, I've done my Civic Duty and will continue to do so. 

But until police and other people in authority straighten up and fly right, nothing is going to change. At least my client Jerry Doyle was Not Guilty of criminal trespass for protesting a corrupt Columbus School Board. My eulogy for Mr. Doyle is here.  You see me bust this cop McFadden for lying yet again by using Officer Johnson on the witness stand. She totally hated my client and me but who also refused to lie. It's obvious watch her face as the video starts at 3:51 as you can see in the thumbnail.