16 December 2014

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Watch Seattle Apodment Moratorium Imperil Innocent Retiring Mother.

Josh Randall ponders his mother's fate before Seattle City Council

Do I like apodments... err.... micro housing? In general, no. I will not eat them with green eggs and ham and Might I reconsider my general disdain depending on the circumstance? Yes. To wit, the situation with Kathleen Randall, in which the purchase of her U-District home at 4315 7th Avenue NE is imperiled because the developer cannot obtain a build permit.  Permits are needed, inter alia, to fix a crumbled sewer line that rendered the home uninhabitable. The thing of it is, the application was submitted prior to imposition of the moratorium but as I told City Council yesterday I believe that much of pushback they are getting in permitting is because of the moratorium. I wrote Council today:

As such, Ms. Randall has become my neighbor in Shoreline...... with the difference being that she did not move there by choice; she really moved there because the developers are helping out until the Deal goes through but that game is getting old as hopelessness and homelessness loom large. Here is a long-term administrative employee of a well-respected area hospital who raised a family, staring at the twilight of her years and spending all of her money on attorneys to try to get somewhere in all of this. I am forwarding a copy of this Journal entry to her attorney and wish them all the best.

11 December 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: SUB Seattle Used Bike and Fuse Box Moto Hunger Drive 2014

All Good: Good Times, Good People, Good Food, Good Cause.
But you know there's always one in the bunch....
Nice video capture right.

09 December 2014

KingCast/Mortgage Movies and Other Concerned Citizens Seek Information on Chapter 7 Trustee Gary F. Seitz' Oath and Bond Information.

Gary F. Seitz has his paws all over this case, ultra vires like a motherfucker, which he is.
He is about to get a shocker.

U.S. Courts in Philadelphia taking a read this morning, 12 Dec. 2014.

Another phone call, this time to Attorney Richard J. Baker in Roberta DeAngelis' Office. 


Here's the goddamn Chapter 13 Plan filed back on 1 December 2014. 
What's the holdup, huh?
Somebody's gonna burn in Hell for this.

Email to bonding company International Sureties
I told them that sometimes in this Game they call Life, 
you have to call a spade, a spade.

U.S. Treasury Department is taking a look. 
They damn well better, because this is a pattern and practice.

Convert to Chapter 13 Already for Pete's Sake.....

Wait for the taped phone call in a moment, but note first that former Eckert, Seamans Attorney Margaret England (more info) now works for the same law firm as Gary F. Seitz. England is a racist who called La Mar Gunn a nigger, as noted in a recent Federal Trial that Mr. Gunn won, pro se. So now we have discrimination against a Philipino family, nice. 

In this case, the pro se Blanco family tried to file a Chapter 13 but checked the wrong box. Should be a simple matter to convert, right? I mean you know, seeing as they are trying to pay, rather than to extinguish a debt, right? 

But nooooo.... Chapter 7 Trustee Gary F. Seitz, along with the Court, are trying to keep them locked in a Chapter 7 so that they can raid the Estate. I telephoned the area Director Roberta DeAngelis at the DOJ and had a 5-minute conversation about this and how they must be allowed to file what they want ab initio, and that if the schedules and facts don't line up LATER, then there could be an issue. But the Court pigeonholed their Motion to Convert to Chapter 13 whilst Attorney Seitz issued a Non-Asset to Asset Notice so that the purported Creditors could come in like vultures and take everything. 

I've seen it happen before when I was too late to call them on it, but this time I am all over it and I want his Oath and his Bond. Note that I am not the first to call on this, as you will hear in the audio coming up shortly.