24 July 2014

Four KingCast/Mortgage Movies Present: Four Questions for Washington State 48th Senate Candidates Cyrus Habib and Michelle Darnell.

Editor's Note: The above photos are the lead photos from each candidate's website, with links to their Facebook, Twitter and other media.  

Dear 48th District Candidates, I pose the following questions to you in writing, for your immediate attention. Within the next several days I will also appear in person to capture your video responses to the same questions. I will allocate two (2) minutes of video response for each question, and you may feel free to use as much space as necessary to address the written questions. Please provide your responses at this email address (kingcast955@icloud.com) on or before the Close of Business, 29 July 2014.

1.  Right now you have what is basically a Court-ordered unfunded mandate for education.  What are your specific plans to address the funding mandate set forth by McCleary?

2.  What is your position on income and sales taxes. Are you in favor of regressive or progressive taxes and what would changes would you advocate for during your term?

3.  There have been legal decisions throughout the country -- including the Nancy Becker vs. MERSCORP case in Pennsylvania decided this summer -- that indicate that the MERS recording system has robbed counties of millions of dollars in recording fees. Do you believe that area recording offices should be conducting audits in order to go after some of this money?

4.  What role do you believe that the mortgage and housing crisis has had on Seattle area economy?

Thank you in advance for your time and diligence in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

KingCast Says Les Wexner and Limited Brands Sell Dangerous Bath Salts!

Remember when the bath salts thing was raging? Well as it turns out we were doing dangerous bath salts but didn't even know it until we checked the labels on this Bath and Body Works formula. The one on the left is the one in circulation; the one on the right caused more stress than we had in the first place once we read the label, right. Stress relief my ass!

21 July 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents Ballard Backfire #48: The Interview Sessions.

My time is so short these days... no time for stills but enjoy the video :)

11 July 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Interview Jeanmarie Mason as Bradburn v. ReconTrust Rears its Ugly Head in Washington Bankruptcy Court

I see a homeowner in Bankruptcy Court facing the same issues countenanced in Bradburn v. ReconTrust (watch the courtroom video here), with G. Hernandez and Leticia Quintana holding down a lot of jobs. Their parents must be proud. Meanwhile watch the Jeff Stenman video repo at AffordableVideoDepo.com